ICS Corrupt Downloads


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Feb 28, 2009
ICS Corrupt Downloads [Solved]

I got CellC's black 3G dongle a few months ago to replace our ADSL. I decided to use the one PC in our house, which is always on, to host the internet connection and use Windows 7 Internet Connection Sharing to connect from my computer.

A problem i noticed was that whenever i downloaded files over about 2MB they would be corrupt; the filesize would be correct but mp3's would "click" and *.rar files would fail to extract etc.

At first i thought this was a problem with the 3G connection, then i noticed files downloaded on the host PC were fine. Long story short, after replacing LAN cables and contemplating a format, the problem i found was with Vista and 7's ICS. I got around the problem by setting up a proxy instead.

Hope someone finds this helpful.
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