1. Raxi

    ICS over Wifi in Windows 8

    Hi, I've been sharing my iBurst over Wifi on my old Windows XP PC for years, but now that I've replaced it with a Windows 8 box, it's just not doing it. I've resorted to keeping the XP PC around as a glorified modem. What I've got: - USB iBurst modem (probably same process for 3G). -...
  2. cyberbob1979

    So ICS finally came to my Galaxy Tab 10.1 on MTN

    I got home today and my Tablet told me to check for an update. Lo and behold, there is ICS for it! Finally off Honeycomb! Anyone else get an update?:love:
  3. jes

    Samsung Galaxy S3 review (MyBroadband)

    Samsung Galaxy S3 review (MyBroadband) Big strides, but in which direction?
  4. M

    Android Ice Cream Sandwich gets twice as fast thanks to Linaro

    Android Ice Cream Sandwich gets twice as fast thanks to Linaro, the future looks even brighter Source
  5. C

    Calling all S3 and ICS users!

    I've had my s3 for one week now and must say I impressed each time I use it its almost too good, got so many function, Smart stay and S Voice need some tweaking, heard they are working on an update on that I just have a few problems that I hope you ICS users can help me out with: 1- Play...
  6. A

    Ice Cream Sandwich and Bluetoothproblems on Samsung Galaxy

    I spent the whole of yesterday replacing all my shortcuts to the screen after upgrading my Vodacom Samsung Galaxy S2 to the latest ICS operating system. Was painfull, but what the heck, was not the end of the world untill...:twisted: This morning I tried to connect to 2 different bluetooth...
  7. R

    Samsung Galaxy S2 - MTN Ice Cream Sandwich official update

    Hi All Does anyone know when MTN is planning to release the Ice Cream Sandwich 4.03 official update ? I am looking at this site but it always shows SA as "pending": http://www.youmobile.org/blogs/entry/SGSII-ICS-CRS Thanks in advance, Robert.
  8. AfricanTech

    Advisory - ICS 4.03 Acer Iconia

    If you've not yet updated to ICS 4.03 you may want to hold off. A number of users have reported some niggly issues (have a look over at XDA (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1621025) I've experienced the following: Stock OTA - A500 Issues encountered: 1...
  9. S

    Making Skinned ICS feel more like Stock, without Custom Roms

    So a few months ago, I got ICS on my sgs2 manually, and yip its skinned. I love the stock ICS look, Nd I know many others do too so I set out trying to make my phone look and feel more like stock ICS.. after awhile I realized a few of you also would want this as flashing a rom isn't always ideal...
  10. F

    How to share Windows Internet connection AND Airport USB hard disk to WiFi devices?

    Hi All, I'm trying to share the mobile broadband Internet connection on a Windows 7 PC as well as the USB hard disk connected to the Airport Extreme (2nd Gen) with other WiFi devices. The problem is that I can get either the one to work or the other, but not both. When I configure the...
  11. Ockie

    Motorola sends ICS firmware for testing to some users

    http://mybroadband.co.za/vb/newthread.php?do=newthread&f=197 YAY!!!! I just hope the testing dont last too long! At least they are testing it though and we should see a smooth transition to ICS. *rubs hands together*
  12. K

    Official ICS update for Samsung Galaxy s2

    So apparently the official ICS has been released today for the Samsung Galaxy S2. Anyone knows someone from Vodacom that can give us an update on when we will get it? Must say I am pretty excited about this :D so I really hope that we will not be last in the queue.
  13. M

    Samsung Galaxy S II (GT-I9100) to get ICS on March 10th

    Saw this on http://www.engadget.com/2012/03/08/samsung-galaxy-s-ii-ics/ I wonder how long it will take for it to come to South Africa feel like it will breath some new life into my phone :) I am kinda disappointed with the service we get here when it comes to updates. When I look at other...
  14. E

    [Feeler/Wanted] Medium to High End Android Cellphone

    [Classifieds seems to be automated, so someone move it there?] Hi all, Looking for a little play thing with the following minimum specs: Haven't put it as [WANTED] since I am still trying to find out what such a phone would go for and its not too urgent. Screen: 3.7" with Gorilla Glass or...
  15. M

    Samsung unveils ICS update schedule for Galaxy line

  16. M

    HTC Zeta image leak, has a 2.5GHz processor and runs ICS

  17. C

    Head-Coupled Perspective - on iOS and android (3D for all!)

    I can't find anything on the forum about it and didn't hear the boffins (sorry Jan) talk about it last night on the live stream. Is it just me who's been "out of the loop" concerning Head-Coupled Perspective? This is for me the coolest new "thing" thats come to smartphone tech since AR(augmented...
  18. R

    ICS Corrupt Downloads

    ICS Corrupt Downloads [Solved] I got CellC's black 3G dongle a few months ago to replace our ADSL. I decided to use the one PC in our house, which is always on, to host the internet connection and use Windows 7 Internet Connection Sharing to connect from my computer. A problem i noticed was...
  19. B

    Internet Connection Sharing and Neotel

    Hi Seeing that the ethernet device for Neotel turned out to be such a let down - being tied in with a whole new package :( would anyone be able to advise me on their setup of the Neotel Prime device with a wireless router? There are so many wireless routers out there I am not certain which...