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Jul 17, 2008
Good news people....

My local WISP, Fantastic1, after reading my post above, has decided to release me from my iSpot contract and I will be refunded. Looks like he doesn't like the bad publicity...

He went on about international and local traffic and as much as i tried to explain the concept of uncapped he couldn't understand. Its a shame. I guess he realized that i was not going to back down and it was easier to let me out of the contract than provide the service that is advertised.

Me contacting them was just a way to find out who it was that made such posts.

I am so glad that this service will be terminated. It was more trouble than it was worth. As a warning to all other customers out there, research your isp as much as possible and make sure they deliver what they say they will.

I had to learn the hard way. .....

So Cheers Guys

Thanks for all the comments!
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Jun 17, 2008
Greetings from Durban,

During the month of May 2008 I approached Mr Fantastic about the uncapped internet. He explained the terms and conditions(it did mention port shaping). When I asked Mr Fantastic about the minimum speed that I could expect or the quality of speed as it was not mentioned in the contract he stumbled and could not give me an answer. I further questioned him about the available ports but he was not on top of his game and just could not give me a straight answer.

The contract seemed to be too good to be true, and i was really interested. I did a bit of research on the company and googling on the technology and decided to back off....sigh, a good choice!

In conclusion Mr Fantastic should change his name and really ask himself the question, " Why do i call myself Mr Fantastic." He should not contridict the ispot agreement and make rules up and furthermore NEVER DISCLOSE THE CLIENTS PERSONAL INFO ON A PUBLIC FORM. It's like screwin yourself.
Dec 1, 2010
I have been using Ispot since 2009. It was running well for the past year till 2 weeks ago and till today when I phoned them they said they are strictly shaping there network. I understand that shaping does not mean only browsing and download speeds of 7-8 kbits per second. If Im wrong please tell me. I really like this service and have no intentions to be cancelling but would like to know if any other ispot member is being heavily shaped like this. That is all I want to know. This ISP I would rate as a very good ISP. I would recomend anyone to go with them as I had no problems with them thus far. I needed to find out from any other ispot users whether they having a similar problem.
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Dec 2, 2010
Greetings from Durban also......

After doing some research on on google, my conclusion is…..

Stay away as far as possible from them….its the worst company ever, support is the worst ever, they never reply your email, never phone back. After taking your number........ and Mr levi is always busy with something.... ***** knows what.....

And they’re system is flawed in a lot of way, bug for Africa……viva!! Africa…

So if you want to be a DIY hotspot operator:

Consider using:

And if you want mobile internet, get 3G
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Jul 24, 2009
its 2019 and i am paying R1000/mnth for 10meg uncapped...but since ive signedup 3 months ago iv never had more than 6megs download.

and now this is what ive been getting for the past week....

iSpot := iShit