LTE spectrum assignment imminent, says minister

So digital TV is being delayed and this is delaying 800mhz spectrum. I call BS, there are areas in SA where 800mhz can be used already....

Cant Government put any intelligence into its decisions
Eish, there's that word again... Imminent........ and Dina looks like she just pule'd something....
You keep using that word, I don't think it means what you think it means.
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Yay 2015. I would love to have a one on one with Poo-le or Zuma just to pick their brains
I think the all the operators will have 100% operating LTE networks on other frequencies before the DoC gets this resolved
“There were [highlight]a number of things overtaking us[/highlight] and issues that had to be addressed at ICASA level,” Pule explained.

She added that “probably by next month [November 2012]” they would be able to tell the industry what would be happening.

Translation: Dinosaurus Pule announced that she does not have the LTE spectrum allocations because she put her homework through the SA postal system and the envelope arrived just as empty as her head is.

Dead garden snails have been overtaking Pule.
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Has the photographer never heard of fill-flash?

Heard of it, had an iPhone with me to grab the shot. Unfortunately I don't have my own DSLR to carry around with me at all times.