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Nov 18, 2018
Ahhh MG, a British brand that has Chinese parents. SAIC, the owners of MG seem to be doing wonders for the brand of recently, just like what Geely is doing for Volvo, Lotus and Proton, in fact they recently bought a chunk of smart car and they own a car company that plans on making cars that fly.

Anyway back to MG. SAIC by the looks of it seem to be more hands on with the development of MG products compared to Geely which lets the Volvo and Lotus engineers do their own thing.

MG unfortunately doesn't make sports cars anymore like the iconic MG B and midget, instead instead they make normal cars for normal people (for now atleast).
What I want to know, is do you guys think they should come back to SA? Their new offerings look promising, decent looks with decent dynamics paired with excellent value. If they have progressed as much as Haval/GWM (another Chinese brand ) then they should definitely be worth a look


This is the MG ZS electric and is priced to compete against the EcoSport. If this MG came to SA and was electric I think it would be a groundbreaking vehicle for the South African market since we don't have an affordable electric vehicle

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May 27, 2008
There are a number of dedicated MG threads here already for MG cars such as the MG3, HS, ZS & eZS, and a general MG Cars / Morris Garages (MG / SAIC) thread as well, which includes the recently released Hector SUV.


MG ZS & eZS:


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