MTN vs Vodacom 5G speed and coverage comparison


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May 24, 2010
MTN obliterates Vodacom in 5G speeds and coverage

Analytico's assessment of thousands of mobile 5G speeds measured on the MyBroadband Speed Test app in 2022 saw MTN trouncing Vodacom in more than one way.

MTN recorded an average 5G download speed of 233.32Mbps, about 32% faster than Vodacom's 176.27Mbps average.
More importantly, who is available during loadsheding?
More importantly, who is available during loadsheding?
Well that question 5G is great and all but I’m more interested in loadshedding availability and day to day 5G in my phone isn’t that important as long as there is good 4G signal
How?? How? I want to cry

My Mtn Data is terrible, horrible it’s literally rubbish all the time. Half the time I can’t WhatsApp, send emails or anything.

I can have full signal with 5G and nothing works. Safari times out. This is at least 50% of the time.

Then I get in my car and its hotspot comes on powered by a RAIN sim and everything works 101%…

I can load pages faster and get better reliability when I’m roaming in Mozambique on low data mode and only a 3G connection.