Please do a MyBroadband speed test on Rain


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Jul 22, 2003
Rain fixed LTE-A in Centurion:

Ping: 20ms
Download: 21.91Mbps
Upload: 6.61Mbps
Rain Mobile in Randburg:

Ping: 30ms
Download: 7.46Mbps
Upload: 7.22Mbps
Rain Mobile in Midrand - Randjespark:

Ping: 22ms
Download: 18.44Mbps
Upload: 5.54 Mbps
Rain mobile - Montague Gardens, Cape Town

Ping 50ms
Download: 7.94Mbps
Uploas: 1.21Mbps
Rain Mobile - KwaDukuza

Ping 32ms
Download: 49.95Mbps
Upload: 20.91Mbps
Rain Mobile (MiFi router) - Beacon Bay (East London)

Ping 90ms
Download 12.70Mbps
Upload 0.83Mbps
Rain Fixed (B315 router) - Beacon Bay (East London)

Ping 50ms
Download 26.94Mbps
Upload 1.95Mbps
Rain mobile in Heidelberg:

Ping: 30ms
Download: 3.07Mbps
Upload: 1.23Mbps
Rain Fixed Lte in Heidelberg:

Ping: 69ms
Download: 2.28Mbps
Upload: 0.42Mbps

Tonight both my Rain mobile and Fixed Lte speed are terrible
20ms, 3meg down and up. Fixed LTE garsfontein pta, yet I can stream HD(1440p) YouTube...

Fairly clear evidence of shaping despite them denying it. RAIN obviously catch the mybb speed test app in their protocols, expect a magical boost once they figure this out.

As yet more evidence of shaping, a webpage test, 19ms 76meg down and 7meg up

A mybb webpage test(done on my phone as well to rule out wifi bottle neck), is 19ms with 73meg down and 8meg up.

torrents max out at 100kB/s every now and then but generally bounce around 70-80

Unshaped my arse...
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Rain Mobile - Mafikeng

Ping: 28ms

Download: 38Mbps

Upload: 18.33Mbps

Rain Mobile
Garsfontein X8
Huawei E7533 Mifi
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Rain Mobile - South of Johannesburg

Signal Strength 1 bar (EDGE connectivity)
Huwaei B618-22
RSRQ: -11dB
RSRP: -113dBm

Ping: 26ms
Download: 8.75Mbps
Upload: 0.07Mbps
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Just ran the test now, but there is an issue: Running a speed test on the MyBB speedtest app always gives extremely slower speeds as compared to SpeedTest app.

The tests below were done one minute apart.
Rain mobile - Bloemfontein, Free State

Ping 20ms
Download: 36.21Mbps
Upload: 23.93Mbps

Device: B315

Very happy with the product :)
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Not so good.

It use to be faster.

Moving in Aug. Will initially keep rain but will move to fibre once a bit of homework on ISPs have been done.


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Mine East-Rand this morning.
Seen it higher close to 90Mbps.

Ping: 19ms
Download: 79.09Mbps
Upload: 7.9Mbps
Durban Rain Mobile on b315

Download: 17.41
Upload: 1.21

Have hit 30 etc prior, seems slower this morning. Steam recorded 3.4MB/s last night.