Please Rate Cell C C-Fibre

Rate Cell C C-Fibre, based on value-for-money, network quality, and general service satisfaction.

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Jul 22, 2003
We are doing a forum survey on how happy subscribers are with their ISP, and it will be great if you can rate Cell C C-Fibre based on value-for-money, network quality, and general service satisfaction.

Also please tell us what Cell C C-Fibre does well, and where they can improve, by positing in this thread.


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Apr 9, 2010
Support is poor and their salesmen are dishonest tricksters but more importantly, they refuse to stop taking your debit order after the contract is over.
Twice now they have taken payments from 2 separate completed contracts and never seem to pay you back. KEEP AWAY FROM THEM!


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Oct 17, 2018
The free-issue Askey modem/router isn't the greatest but otherwise no issues. Haven't tried support.


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Jun 14, 2005
SUPPORT is non existent - rating of pathetic. Do not sell a product if you are not going to provide support!
SPEED is ok

CellC only has 1 POP and that is in Gauteng. Does not make sense if you a large telecom company. Maybe they not that large after all. Ever sorry I signed up with them. Will move my fibre and cell soonish.
Oct 16, 2018
They never bother to call you back. Don't reply to emails. They can't even supply you with the pop server details. had to spend days testing everyone that i could find till one worked. My 1gb of free mobile data was given to me didn't work, after a month it was activated after many calls, only to be charged for it. then when I queried the charges for it, it was just cancled and no one is willing to help fix it. The packages are more costly then smaller companies I can get a 50/50 for the price of my 20/20...... Soon I'm cancelling my fibre to move somewhere else.
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May 26, 2010
I have to agree with the rest. Support (call centre) and Sales is a frustrating useless mess. Once when I called call centre when I signed up, they actually put me on hold and continued to have a nice fat chat thinking I was on mute and then just dropped the call after 10 minutes.

On the network front, I cannot complain. It just works, which is a relieve.

I dread the day something goes wrong or I ever want to cancel and leave.

Advice I can offer:
  • Please update your online forms so people can indicate whether they need new installation or just migrating from another ISP. Also, add an option for people to say no to the free media box and router. Most people don't want that crap and it just locks you into a contract, which is also not made clear.
  • Based on whether it is new install or ISP migration, send the client a simple email with the steps that will take place till they will be active. Ideally put some timelines to this so that if that timeline isn't met, the client knows something has gone wrong.
  • Train your call centre staff to not put people on hold when they don't know how to answer a question.
  • Get your sales people to actually commit to a time and date to respond and provide updates. Even if they don't have any new news, still tell the customer and give them a new feedback date and time. There is nothing worse than a client having to constantly chase sales people. It is unprofessional.
I could go on for days about how broken this process is, but I'm sure you have people your are paying that is supposed to know this stuff and have a smooth sales process.


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Oct 8, 2018
The SIgnup processs was not good with a person in another part of JHB being linked to my account and their installation being incorrectly installed. Took 2 weeks to be corrected.

Have not had to use support after that.
No issues with Speed and quality


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Dec 6, 2018
We are doing a forum survey on how happy subscribers are with their ISP, and it will be great if you can rate Cell C C-Fibre based on value-for-money, network quality, and general service satisfaction.

Also please tell us what Cell C C-Fibre does well, and where they can improve, by positing in this thread.
Pathetic support. They came to install in my house, and when I have issues,,, they ignore me.
Feb 4, 2019
I did not choose Cell C to be my Fibre supplier. I signed up with iConnect who sold.

I would have said average until 3 weeks ago, possibly even good. I was mostly satisfied. Speeds were good, connectivity was stable.
For some reason my wireless devices got logged out from time to time, and the only way to reconnect was to reboot the router.

This all changed when I needed support because my connectivity went down.
I called support who tried to assist told me that the issue needed to be escalated to second tier support, and I would be called by them.
This went on daily for a week and I was never contacted once by this so called second tier support.

I sent a cancelation instruction and amazingly was called back the same day.
Eventually my connectivity was resolved.

I would not recommend C-Fibre based on their poor support


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Nov 1, 2010
Everybody on Vumatel fibre should check your line speed. See here, post #47:

Other than the above incident (which didn't depend on C-Fibre) the service is excellent.

Klient is with C-Fibre (for couple years, they were giving Huawei router, not Askey junk and a media box. Initially on a basic shared fiber from MWEB (also with Vumatel), frequently experienced Internet congestion or interruptions. It was worse than on the Telkom ADSL line before. Switching to the symmetric unlimited 20/20 line from C-Fibre changed a picture. Generally no service interruptions. In the middle of last year a tenant added another TV streaming device, this time 4K. Total bandwith requirements exceeded 20mbps pipe, the line had been upped to 50/50 the same day a call was made.


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Feb 1, 2019
The speed and price for product on Openserve is out of this world, just think they can work on their aftersales as this is a bit bad. If they can approve that will be one of best ISP's


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Dec 4, 2007
3 days with on an off internet in Sunninghill. Cell C on MetroFibre, multiple complaints on facebook and twitter. No feedback from Cell C.