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Staff member
Jul 22, 2003
We are doing a survey on how happy subscribers are with their ISP, and it will be great if you can rate Cybersmart based on value-for-money, network quality, and general service satisfaction.

Also please tell us what Cybersmart does well, and where they can improve, by positing in this thread.


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Dec 7, 2014
Great price and so far technical issues have been handled quite professionally. Can be a bit more pro-active when disruptions are likely and perhaps give something back to loyal customers in the form of incentives/competitions etc


Honorary Master
Jun 4, 2005
Cybersmart were my first ever ADSL ISP. They're a brand that came in for a lot of stick on this forum, but for me, at the time, it was a fantastic experience all round. I hopped from Cybersmart to Afrihost to Vox to Openweb to Mweb to Axxess, man I've tried them all and at the end of the day Cybersmart, for me, was actually the best.


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Dec 21, 2010
I've been with them for years and years, and always recommend them to friends and family. As for being a loyal customer, when prices for e.g. Interconnect price gets reduced, I get more data for my money automatically. They are quick to help too. My only complaint is that when I have a problem at 03h00 there is nobody to take a support call then.


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Jun 4, 2010
Tried them all over the years, then tried a low cost Uncapped 10Mbps ADSL package with Cybersmart when moving into a new place and was pleasantly surprised. I was moved onto a 500GB capped account at some point, can't say I've experienced any line speed, throttling or DNS problems. ADSL contention ratio is obviously a limiting factor so you have to watch what you're doing simultaneously, but isn't that inherent of the technology? RPG games have been good when patches have been done in advance, and running two machines on an FPS game hasn't been too bad but not enjoyable even on one PC when trying to be more competitive and playing on on some overseas servers.

They have recently started blocking some protocols which is annoying when it's for work.

It's impossible to route for a company when they're charging you half the price than what they advertise.


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Apr 7, 2009
Basically been with them since the beginning and at the moment have a very nice package at a very nice price :thumbsup: ... Hardly every have problems and the ones that do pop up every now and then gets dealt with satisfactory.

Only improvement I'd like to see from them, is if they could get their "sister"company that runs through the same accounts/support system to be upgraded to the level of Cybersmart .... This sister company is SAOL and at the moment they're packages and website is still stuck in the 90's



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Nov 11, 2013
Been with them for over a decade, very stable product.

I’m so happy with the services, I’m reselling DSL, and can’t remember of any issue that was their fault, always the line or router.

Have no problem with the pricing, stable, value for money product.
I only use capped accounts, so can’t comment on FUP of uncapped.

If they can change something:
1) Call centre person should listen, and not treat you as a dumb user.
2) The monthly invoices must be a PDF attached to mail, not an invoice as a mail.

But really, no complaints, happy user and reseller here.


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Jun 13, 2006
I've been using their Lightspeed service with zero issues and downtime for about 2 years.
VERY fast, stable (and cheap) compared to other options on the market.
One issue I do have with them, is similar to what @gfmalan states above, they need to be able to discern if a user is a technically capable user - and not just "follow the script" when handling any queries directed at them, otherwise im happy !


New Member
Aug 29, 2015
I've been with Cybersmart since inception of my fibre at home 50/50 line about a year and a half now. Got off to a rocky start with line speed and technical assistance related to turnaround time. But once that was resolved have not had any issues related to speed again.
Recent issue was related to Vumatel been down, Cybersmart call agent logged fault on my behalf and Vumatel speedily repaired it on the same day. Quite surprised as it was a Sunday!

Suggestion: Fortunately when I joined their pricing was cheaper than it is now, so i get charged less than what their current pricing is! I would think that Data cost should reduce rather than increase, well thats what we generally see with Cell networks. Maybe I dont know what I'm talking about but I would expect that you should either get faster connection or more data for your buck these days!

Thanks Cybersmart for your service!


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Jan 7, 2008
On ADSL it was a bumpy ride, Cybersmart left me to deal with Telkom directly. I guess this was on par with any provider having to deal with Telkom's incompetence.

On Vumatel now the quality of the 20/20 traffic is near perfect. Cheap, with a 24h response via email.

Only issue still - after so many years of attempting to do so - known issues are still not simply listed under service notices.

So with recent down time - I fire off my email - find no reports online with Vumatel or Cybersmart, but get a response 24h later explaining what had happened. They can save loads on labour by getting users in the habbit to check online rather than contact them.

Barbarian Conan

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Aug 8, 2017
Rated average.

My fiance is with them on 20/2 fibre, and we had one issue at the beginning with the router not connecting, but a laptop connected directly would work. The callcenter agent was helpful, and while I spent a while on the phone it was resolved pretty quickly.

The ping is a bit high for fibre, at 4ms+ whenever I've tested. Even at 20mpbs it should be around 1-2ms, should it not?

Since I moved in, I wanted to move the account to my name, which they said they would have to charge a connection fee for, so another R2500 ....

We upgraded to 100/100, for which we need a new router. We've been waiting for 2 weeks now, and it will supposedly be delivered tomorrow.

They are priced well, although you have to pay a rather steep connection fee, so you only realise the benefits after a 2 years or so.


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Nov 21, 2018
I was really hoping for good things from them after looking at all the positive reviews and they are also well priced, but have had nothing but bad experiences since I signed up.

Without getting into all the problems, basically they state that our building is on their home fibre network but its not, the fibre is still to be installed. I am on a 20/20 line but we have had so much downtime up to 2 days at a time, so after doing some digging it turns out they are using line of site in the interim and the fibre is still to be installed, explains the ping of around 10ms and downtime.

This is actually just the tip of the iceberg in terms on the bad service, but im stuck because we have no other options especially after I had to pay the 'fibre' install fee.