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Staff member
Jul 22, 2003
We are doing a survey on how happy subscribers are with their ISP, and it will be great if you can rate RSAWEB based on value-for-money, network quality, support, and general service satisfaction.

Also please tell us what RSAWEB does well, and where they can improve, by positing in this thread.


Aug 23, 2006

RSAWEB does this great! I don't often have issues with RSAWEB since joining them, I think I can honestly count downtime on both my hands and most of the time it's cable breaks due to other contractors or a downtime due to power outages (I'm from Cape Town remember!!!)

The main thing that I appreciate about RSAWEB and those who have experienced this, can agree with it. RSAWEB will not tell you it's the FIBRE PROVIDER (like Octotel) unless it really is, they'd rather say "let me investigate and get back to you" however, those with ISP's whose names I'd rather NOT mention will answer your call, hear your issue and blurt out "we know about it, it's X fibre provider and we've escalated it to them" however, if you like me, have connections with them, they will quickly say - well, it's not actually us but "we" can't tell their clients that.


I've been with RSAWEB since day dot, I've seen how the technical support guys have definitely changed and gotten better. One big change for me was when I did have issues, I am lucky enough to have Dylan on Whatsapp, I send him a Whatsapp and he gets one the technical support guys to call me - now, I almost never do that, I just send a e-mail (using mobile data because RSAWEB give you a 1GB SIM with DATA) to "support" [at] and within 15 minutes, I get a reply - though, being technically inclined, my e-mails normally have all the details I know they will ask and what I've done to resolve the issue myself but it's the speed at which they reply and assist that I really love.
My friends with other ISP's can wait hours without hearing from them if they logged tickets, sent out Tweets or whatever - I tested this when my GF joined RSAWEB, she sent out a Tweet and not even 5 minutes later she got a call from RSAWEB asking her to do X & Y.

When I started streaming, I had endless issues - I think the network was not optimized for streaming (that's my honest opinion) and after swopping various e-mails with their tech guys, I went in, showed them my settings and what I do and the servers I use etc and after all the effort, I now get minimal dropped frames when streaming on Twitch (Those who follow my stream will remember I had to at one point change from Twitch to YouTube Gaming and then I returned to Twitch) so the point is, the guys are always there to help you if you are willing to assist them to assist you.


So many of my friends and colleagues etc are wanting to join RSAWEB - I pass the contact information onto Dylan Hunt at RSAWEB and he honestly does the rest - he follows up if the person can get fibre and if not, he chats to them about alternatives - or he explains to them why they can't get fibre - today (for example) he has to investigate for a good couple of hours and discover that a friend of my can't get fibre because the complex he stays in has a 'agreement' with a certain other ISP - so RSAWEB can't provide fibre but said friend couldn't seem to get the necessary information from anyone.

There is alot I can say about RSAWEB but I guess you have to be with them for as long as I have been to see how they have evolved to what they are today and I really hope they get better and better but also don't loose the charm that they have.


Dec 8, 2014
RSAWEB is a highly customer focused group. I was recently in the process of changing my ISP. I came across an RSAWEB ad on Facebook and applied for a 50gb LTE Home (plus free router). Within hardly four days I was up and running, modem and all. They are always ready to assist, queries are dealt with swiftly and overall customer experience second to none


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Dec 8, 2017
I celebrate the day I chose RSAWeb as my ISP. My previous ISP left me with scars that RSAWeb has soothed. Great service, quick turnaround times and prompt response. Infact the price I'm paying is unexpectable for the service I receive. We are four in the house and all of us are always online with almost no interruptions. I tell my friends to change over, cause when I visit their houses I can't use their internet due to lack of capacity to hold sturdy connections or cap issues while they pay more than I do. I provide free internet to anyone who visits my house. Thanks to RSAWEB.


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Nov 9, 2015
I've been with RSAWeb for almost 3 years and have had very few problems. When I did have issues they were generally sorted out quickly. My fibre connection has had a very good uptime.


New Member
Nov 27, 2017
I've also had an excellent experience with RSAWEB. On moving house to a property with an Octotel box I contacted three ISPs via email for a quote. RSAWEB came back to me very quickly with a very competitive price and the installation team were quickly on site, very professional and very neat. I was online shortly thereafter and have since only had one interrupted connection, which was quickly resolved. Whenever I've called their tech support the team they have also been very good.