Poor support for DSTV Now - Catch Up not displayin correctly


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Mar 4, 2020
Hi guys

I have to share my horrible experience with DSTV now and their support. Hopefully someone can provide some guidance if they experienced this before specifically the issue and not the horrible support, although I'm sure I am not the only one to experience absolutely poor service from DSTV now. I hope we can try to expose this ineffective approach dstv now takes with their chat system and of cause get better resolutions!

As far as I can remember my DSTV now app on my Windows Laptop (tried different browsers), 2 different Android Phones and Mii Box S all has the same issue. Live TV works great, but my catch up is not updating accordingly for my sports. Here and there I would see some new things pop up but nothing i actually want to see especially since other peoples apps are getting these updated episodes including my TV with the normal decoder.

I get no tech product is perfect and issues like this tend to pop up but that's where the support needs to step in to resolve issues! I have attached my whole chat with the app's chat support option however this is not the first I'm chatting to support about this. No DSTV now support agent (I'm assuming 1st line) provides proper support besides clear cache, uninstall app, logout and back in etc. I get that they have a list of questions to ask but is this the support we deserve? Is there no proper resolutions and advice one can receive?

Please if anyone has resolved this issue before somehow let me know, although I'm almost certain due to the variety of devices i have tried this on there is clearly an issue with my profile on the back end on their side.


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