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  1. Joseph matane

    Dstv Now

    Dstv Now is currently not working while is the only choice for me to watch the MTN 8 QF1, the response from Dstv Now live chat Palesa M is Dstv Now app has intermittent issues. I tried streaming via T.V. no luck server error 502 on Apk
  2. Joseph matane

    Showmax Sport beta vs DStv Now

    Hey guys let share feedback, is it me only who noticed that Showmax Sport beta has great picture quality compare to DStv Now picture quality?
  3. Jamie McKane

    DStv Now and Showmax are bigger than Netflix in Africa - MultiChoice

    DStv Now and Showmax are bigger than Netflix in Africa - MultiChoice MultiChoice has published its annual results presentation for the year ended 31 March 2019, detailing the company's performance across its online and pay-TV segments. The company's subscription TV market is shifting towards...
  4. S

    Xiaomi TV box and DSTV now app

    I've installed DSTV now app and it gives me a code that I must go online and enter it. I go online and I dont see where should I add this code. I even tried casting from my phone to my TV box and only the audio is casted and no video
  5. Jamie McKane

    DStv Now - Improvements to web and mobile apps

    DStv Now - Improvements to web and mobile apps DStv is facing stiff competition from streaming services like Netflix as well as piracy, but it is fighting back by offering its subscribers an enhanced online experience through its DStv Now service. Through DStv Now subscribers can watch their...
  6. Jamie McKane

    DStv Now launches Xbox and Hisense TV apps

    DStv Now launches Xbox and Hisense TV apps MultiChoice has announced that two new versions of its DStv Now app have been released, one for the Xbox One and another for Hisense TVs. "Usage of DStv Now is increasing rapidly with more than two million plays of live and Catch Up content per week,"...
  7. J

    DSTV NOW on Xbox One?

    Is there anyway how one can watch Dstv now on a xbox one? Please help.
  8. NeonNinja

    DSTV Now and Playstore Certification

    So I'm unable to get an exact fix/answer to this situation. I own a Xiaomi Redmi 5A. I'm running on MIUI 10 Global 8.11.8 (latest as of writing). When I try to play anything on DSTV Now it tells me my device isn't certified. Anyone?
  9. F

    DSTV Now Streaming quality

    Hi All Recently upgraded my ADSL line to Fibre and speed, latency, up time etc has improved significantly. However, my DSTV Now app (Desktop Browser) has struggled to stream at 720p, let alone full HD 1080p?? No issues on Youtube. DSTV Now actually performed better when I still had ADSL (8 mg...
  10. Z

    MXQ Pro with working DSTV now

    Item name (be very descriptive): MXQ Pro (1GB Ram & 8GB onboard) Age and condition: Under a month old (second hand) Do you include packaging: No. Comes with TV box, charger and remote. Warranty: No Reason for selling: Friend wanted DSTV now installed on it but ended up replacing it with a unit...
  11. cobusv

    Apple Tv 4k - DSTV Now

    Not sure if anyone noticed but i just installed the dstv now app on my apple tv 4k and must say working like a charm!
  12. Espee

    DSTV Now app available on Samsung Smart TV

    I just discovered that there is now a DSTV Now app on my 2015 Samsung Smart TV. I downloaded it and it works well. How has no one reported on this or did launch very recently? I think it's awesome. No more need to cast from my phone. Has anyone else spotted the app?
  13. ToniO

    Simultaneous decoder and DSTV now streams

    Hi there I have a DSTV Premium subscription. Can anyone tell me whether one can watch via a decoder as well as the two simultaneous DSTV Now streams that are allowed? Is the decoder stream counted as one of the two streams? Where can I see which of my devices is streaming currently...
  14. Z

    Xiaomi MI Box Official Android TV Box CRAZY SALE!!!

    This special is crazy low. I have never seen it drop below $60. Normal price is $64.99 or so which makes this deal insane. For everybody who wants DSTV Now on a TV box, this is the best way and option. Xiaomi Mi Box NOW: $55.99. Coupon: Flash Sale (Starts at 18:00 on 15.06.2018) NOW: R728.00...
  15. P

    MTV Base africa Stream

    Hi together, im looking for a MTV Base south africa stream here in europe. Love this music channel. Is there any possibilty?? Or would somebody share his dstv now login details with me? I would pay for a stream monthly! Best regards!
  16. C


    HI Guys, Please help, I have a MXQ Pro 4k. The supersport app was working perfectly but now whenever i try to watch a live stream it diverts me to the Google Play store to download DSTV NOW APP but Google play says my device is not supported for this so i cannot download the app. Any...
  17. S

    SMart TV is a Rooted Device

    Hi All I recently bought a Sinotec 50" Smart TV and i have Installed the "DSTV Now" APK on the TV. i get an Error "Unsupported/Rooted Device". I have learnt that the Device is rooted because of DRM(Digital Rights Management) issues.I did some research and i have established that there is a...
  18. T

    Mxq pro and dstv now

    Has anyone managed to get dstv now installed and working on an mxq pro android tv box? I still get the message that the device is rooted. If you did, would you mind sharing step by step? I know this has been discussed before, but i cannot find a solution.
  19. Newsfeed

    DStv Now HD streaming imminent

    DStv Now HD streaming imminent DStv Now HD streaming is imminent, and there is a strong focus on providing sports streaming in high definition.
  20. A

    Stream DSTV Now on Xbox One using a browser

    Is it possible to stream DSTV Now on Xbox One using a browser? I wasn't able to get it to work - all I get is a black box where the video should start streaming. Works perfectly on my laptop, so it's not a network problem. Is this a known issue? I've done a lot of googling and can't find a...