poweralert stage 2.....

Bruh, a few days is already too much.
One day is too much, let alone a few days. And the way this seems to be going, I won't be surprised if this is going to be pretty much how it goes until winter if not longer.
Sjoe, diesel genies working overtime. Vrrrr-pa!
Hahahaha...... useless ESKOM run by the useless ANC.......pulling South Africa down into the toilet.

Doesn't help getting cross. Just sitting back now and watching everything go to ****.
Things should stabilize pretty quickly, I don't think we will have Stage 6 for more than a few days
We can usually tell by how quickly our power comes back on - down to just 15 min. late so looks like emergency is already under control.
So, just my 2c, but that doesn't look like any suddenly broke or tripped, they just never ramped em back up and have been all in on the diesel for the tenderer loots
Coal gen was down to 15.8GW on the 9th, down from 18.2GW the day before during SONA. Maybe more broke since the chart, lets see what tomorrow looks like.
That is reliant on your municipality not Eskom
You would think - but for whatever reason it's been a good sign for years. Roughly speaking

BTW @wingnut771 , gave up on the Telkom line "project" - looks like they may drop the current to minimum when they leave it in this dormant state.