Robbers drip hot plastic on boy


Dec 5, 2003
pupa said:
Sub Saharan African ShIIt! They should be given a public necklace! {text removed by mod}
Thanks for editing my rant against the reverse racists mod. I want to hurt them like they hurt me and my family and fellow citizens of this country by calling us settlers and not part of this country. They speak one language but perpetrate another!


Dec 5, 2003
spiderz said:
So way don't people get themselves some guns so they can at least stand a chance of defending themselves?
The GVT and cops do not want whites to have guns to protect themselves. They told a middle aged woman living on her own in rural area to find alternate means of defence and security, refusing her licence. The guy telling me this owns a gun-shop. He is to scared to talk Afrikaans with his customers as he looks like a foreigner! He told me my chances of getting a licenced firearm is about null and void!

I just came across this, which confirms above!,,752-795_1964891,00.html

Black Criminals Run Rampant While ANC Disarms Whites

The ANC government has had a steady policy in place for the last two years of ensuring that as few as possible legal gun licenses are issued – especially to Whites – all this while heavily armed Black gangsters continue to rampage up and down the country. This is a deliberate policy, designed to disarm Whites as far as possible, and has the practical effect of leaving many people defenseless against the criminal tsunami.
80% of Gun Dealers Have Closed their Doors
08/07/2006 19:48 – (SA)
Almost 80% of South Africa’s gun dealers have closed their doors since the new Firearms Act has come into effect. For thousands of previous employees, the act cams as a deathblow.
“I had to dismiss all my employees and I can barely care for my family,” says Donovan Smith (52) a firearms dealer in Johannesburg. Smith’s shop was in existence for 20 years, but he is busy closing his doors.
“All I did is give clients their money back because they are unable to obtain licenses for their weapons,” he says.
“”What can I do?” he asks distressed. “Weapons are my passion, but no-one can buy them anymore.”
He is but one of a heartbreaking story of 500 firearms dealers all over the country who have closed down. Smith has over R1 million in stock. “Dead metal,” he calls it.
According to the South African Association of Firearms and Ammunition Dealers (SAFAD), in 2002 there were aboult 800 firearms dealers in South Africa. Today there are less than 200.
“Who is going to give a job to a 50-year old woman who sold guns?” asks Ms. Jill Howard, SAFAD secretary. She also owns a firearms shop and has hundreds of rifles in stock that she is unable to sell.
“People just are not able to obtain firearms licences, and therefore they are not buying guns,” she says.
According to the South African Gun Owners’ Association (SAGA) the refusal rate for firearms licences has increased over the past two years from 15 to 97%.
Former shop owners are battling financially and many cannot even afford their rentals, says Howard.
“Now, people who have no criminal tendencies, are being denied the right to defend themselves,” says Dr. Lukas Potgieter, a firearms journalist and a sport and hunting rifle dealer in Johannesburg. "Too many people are losing their livelihoods.”
According to Potgieter, the Firearms Control Act is bogus. “What about those who illegally possess firearms,” he asks. “Those people will never be caught.”
It is estimated that about 2 million South Africans have firearms licenses while 4 million people possess illegal weapons.
The security industry is also affected by the legislation. Mr. Torrie Roodt (68), owner of a security company in Johannesburg, complains that he cannot employ people because the processing of license applications is too slow.
“We can no longer provide adequate security, because the guards cannot carry firearms, It makes a person sick and tired.”
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