Setting Up Internet Cafe - Software Advice


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Oct 5, 2017
Good day all

I am setting up an internet cafe and need assistance with the best software to use for managing time/mb's downloaded.

Can anyone assist with quality software I should look at? I am considering paid and free versions.
Have seen a few free ones, but not sure if they are safe? Also I require a specific type of functionality as mentioned below.

Ideally my setup would be 1 server PC, with 2 PC's available for customers.

Main focus would be customers who walk in and want to use the internet for a few minutes or mb's on their own devices (phone or laptop).
This software would have to be able to regulate my WiFi network?

I have seen a ticketing system, whereby the customer buys 15 minutes and gets a username and password - which he then uses to log into the wireless network from his own device. The network should then kick him off after the 15 minutes.


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Oct 3, 2011
wifi i'd probably say dd-wrt, then you can use Sputnik

I'd suggest you go with paid software, although I really don't know