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Slow Speed Rain LTE-A


Expert Member
Dec 29, 2013
Haha you're in the same boat as me...I took a leap of faith and had really kuk speeds, with one bar of signal, I had on/off 4mbps connection with packet drops 80/100

So I ordered an antenna from China for R150...and its still on its way after 3 weeks :eek:

But yeah, eventually found a spot where the signal was 3 bars (had to look at the coverage map and guesstimate the tower direction), now I get constant 4mbps, sometimes up to 16mbps...hopefully the antenna (apparently 49dbi but chinese products are always exaggerating) will bring me up to 4-5bars

Best to check if you got any friends with Rain already, and get him to bring the router to your house?
Another Q...what did your speed improve to from 4Mbps when you found 3 bars?


Expert Member
Oct 19, 2005