Stage 8 load shedding warning

Stages four through eight are identical for us Gqeberhistanians anyway. Local industrial areas will take the hit as they only get shed from four.

Have we ever hit even stage five, let alone higher?
"Ramaphosa upbeat"

Why can't they just do something about this? They are stealing my game time. My time to relax and unwind. My escape.

Now I have to sit in the cold and dark and ponder about how bad things have gotten in South Africa and how it'll just get worse.
Cyril said its soon on the cards, but they will warm us upfront

Ok! We got the warning! Do it!
I suppose that Cyril Ramaphosa knows more about the technicalities in electricity generation than the so called experts at Eskom. He is the President after all. :crying:
Energy experts have warned that Eskom is not in control of the situation.
Eskom is not in control of the situation. They are going from one breakdown to the next..."
above level 3 and level 4, because Eskom is not in control of the situation.”
Mmmm, I get that funny feeling that Eskom is not in control. What do you think Cyril?

Ramaphosa said they are hopeful that Eskom’s management has everything under control.
But...the experts s...

We do not really care about stages anymore. South Africa is officially just like any other African country where you have electricity only certain hours of the day. South Africa's power generation has collapsed and there is no changing that.