Syncing Trakt with Showmax & DSTV


New Member
May 31, 2010
I recently found out about and have been very interested in compiling a list of all the shows I have watched. It's quite a lot of admin, but interesting to see.
I have started with Netflix and found it quite easy to sync, check and update, but has anyone figured out how to sync showmax and DSTV? Is there a platform the same as Netflix that I can do for these 2?
I did notice that 2 shows from my showmax were shown on my Trakt but I have no idea how this synced. It could be related to the login with google, but not sure.
And besides, my new DSTV and Showmax login's are not linked to my google email address.
Would a service like Kodi be able to import the watched shows from Showmax and DSTV?

I am also running a Plex server and I have seen that there are ways to link that too, but I use more streaming services than my plex server.
Any help will be appreciated! Thanks