1. M

    Syncing Trakt with Showmax & DSTV

    I recently found out about Trakt.tv and have been very interested in compiling a list of all the shows I have watched. It's quite a lot of admin, but interesting to see. I have started with Netflix and found it quite easy to sync, check and update, but has anyone figured out how to sync showmax...
  2. J

    Why DStv should have a Kodi app

    Why DStv should have a Kodi app MultiChoice, through its sister-company Irdeto, recently ordered the takedown of Kodi add-ons for Showmax and DStv Now which were created by New Zealand developer Matt Huisman. Kodi has an unfortunate reputation of being associated with copyright infringement...
  3. J

    Making Kodi add-ons - Watch out for the Netflix and MultiChoices of the world

    Making Kodi add-ons - Watch out for the Netflix and MultiChoices of the world Open source home theatre software application Kodi has unfortunately become associated with making piracy easy and user-friendly, drawing the attention of copyright holders worldwide. This includes MultiChoice, which...
  4. Z

    TV Box promotions

    New promotions available for TV Boxes. Will use this thread in the future to promote TV Boxes only. UPTO 70% Off TV Box promotion
  5. S

    WeTek Play 2

    I'm considering buying the Wetek Play 2 with the DVB-T2 tuner. https://wetek.com/us/en/shop/wetek-play2 But would it also work in South Africa with the DVB-S2 tuner?
  6. J

    The war on Kodi

    The war on Kodi For most of the lifetime of*Kodi, it was an obscure piece of free software.
  7. Newsfeed

    Plex for Kodi – Free version launched

    Plex for Kodi – Free version launched Plex for Kodi now has a free version that doesn’t require a Plex Pass subscription, Windows Central reported.
  8. blackguyza

    How to download from Exodus 3.1.22

    Hi everyone I have been using previous versions of Exodus to download movies and stuff by right-clicking on the file source and selecting download. That is the only way I use Exodus because of my internet speed. Apparently Exodus updated itself and now I am on version 3.1.22. i have checked...
  9. Newsfeed

    eBay’s ban on pirate Kodi devices doesn’t exist – Report

    eBay’s ban on pirate Kodi devices doesn’t exist – Report Kodi streaming box sales on eBay in the UK continue, despite a report three months ago that the site had banned the devices.
  10. S

    Trouble with Playing 4k Content.

    Hi Guys, I am at that point, where I am having to post about it for help, this never happens. Right so we are the proud new owner of a 4k tv, yipeee. I have an xbox 1s as well as a gigabyte brix i5 with 8gb ram connect to the tv as an HTPC. On my HTPC I run both Kodi and Plex and have a...
  11. F

    Kodi + Afrihost - Blocking/Throttling

    Hi, Does anybody have any experience with Kodi and Afrihost throttling? I have an Uncapped 10Mb account and no VPN. My service is 'acceptable', but not really the best, (buffering and so on). I was wondering if others have a better experience. Thanks FFMG
  12. Kevin Lancaster

    Kodi in the sights of anti-piracy group

    Kodi in the sights of anti-piracy group The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) is concerned over the “illegal use” of media player application Kodi, Variety reported. MPAA chairman Christopher Dodd said new-generation piracy sees TV boxes loaded with software that lets viewers...
  13. J

    Is the kodi add on - exodus legal in South Africa?

    As far as I understand kodi itself is legal in South Africa. However when using an add on such as exodus does it become illegal? If anyone has specific laws regarding streaming please post.
  14. S

    The Kodi Add-on Thread

    What's everyone using as add-ons? I'm currently using Exodus, Phoenix and Live Mix. Anyone got any other suggestions?
  15. D

    How to: KODI for Samsung SmartTV

    Hi there. A friend showed me today that he cancelled DStv and streams via KODI. I checked it out but cannot find a way to install it on our Samsung 48" smart tv. I am sure that the smart hub had a Google playstore when we bought it in October last year. It is not there anymore. What do I need...
  16. Rouxenator

    [S]Android Media player TV box (4K, HDMI, Gbe, 4G RAM, 32GB flash, H265, Kodi)

    Item name: HPH NT-V6B Android media player streamer TV box Description: CPU: RK3288 28nm Cortex-A17 Quad core GPU: Quad-Core Mali-T764 3D GPU Support OpenGL ES1.1/2.0/3.0,OpenVG1.1,OpenCL1.1 and Renderscript, Directx11.2D GPU ,4K x 2K output RAM: DDRIII 4G RAM ROM Flash: 32G Storage Ethernet...
  17. T

    Webafrica or Crystalweb for streaming on 2Mbps line

    OK, so I really need some advice from the experts and fundi's out there... I currently have the Webafrica 2Mbps Uncapped Package for R185 pm, as well the Starsat package for R199 pm (don't judge, money is tight). I also have a pretty decent HTPC running Kodi Helix. I recently installed the...
  18. B

    A custom remote for SickRage and Kodi in AngularJS

    To learn new languages and technologies I always build someone for my media centre. This is what I built to learn AngularJS. http://techcapetown.co.za/2015/10/13/my-infinity-project-the-best-media-centre/
  19. shooter69

    Free TV story

    I want to share how I got some free tv. I used to stream everything from my pc using kodi via HDMI cable(I am stuck with a dumb tv). It worked pretty well when my pc was close to my tv. So a week ago I moved into a loft apartment and my pc is now upstairs. So the HDMI cable did not reach...
  20. S

    Genesis for Kodi Helix thumbnails not showing

    Hi Guys, I did a factory reset of my Kodi (Helix) last night and reinstalled Genesis. For some reason most of the cover art inside Genesis isn't showing. There are a few TV series and movies that are displaying their thumbnails correctly but most aren't showing anything. I've browsed through...