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Aug 23, 2006
Hi all,

So yesterday I went to Takealot to fetch a small order of 3x USB cables that I ordered the night before - I didn't really want to fetch it just yet and knowing it was POST Black Friday, I was expecting a disaster but GF suggested since we were in the area to just pop in and see...

Arriving at Takealot, they seem to have done some changes, the ENTRANCE and EXIT is now only a EXIT so having to find the entrance was quick and was greeted buy a guy and shown the tablets where you must enter your name, order number and cellphone.

So far, so good, all easy, no issues.

Entering the main hall, I was shocked, screens up telling who to go where and no major queues, I expected to be out in about 10 minutes at least.

1st problem: I noticed there was 3x "Nicholas" on the screen - my mistake here? Because now I don't know whose who, but since I came "last" maybe the 3rd one was me.
It eventually says "Nicholas go to person at counter 7" and a older guy goes off - so, now only 2 left.

I waited maybe 20 minutes and then the 2x Nicholas became 1x Nicholas and that Nicholas was now Nicholas J - clearly not me.

Anyways, I grab a lady almost immediately and ask her for help, she assists and admits that yes, I am not on the list anymore, she will go and find out what is happening with my order - at this moment in time, I'm already playing with time.
But she was gone for about 20 minutes.
Told me my order was "gone" as in "taken" so what she thinks is that one of the previous Nicholas' took it, because 1 of them had a large amount of items to collect and my order was included in that.
So here I think that someone checks the orders, be it the person handing over the items or the security because it's what happens to me whenever I go.

Anyways, she says that someone is bringing my order, I just need to wait for packaging etc. A while later, a guy comes out with 1 bloody USB cable (I ordered 3) and the lady tells him "I told you he needed 3" and he goes to get the other 2.
Suffice to say, the lady tells me "It's just not your day today" and I have to leave, 1 hour at Takealot I can't anymore because I have other things to do today.

1. The Oracle system has an issue, so in future I will not put my name down as "Nicholas" but instead "medicnick83"
2. Takealot do not check properly when giving stuff over because this is the 2nd time this has happened to me, the last time, they gave my graphics card to the wrong guy, lucky for me I noticed and stopped him from leaving and he didn't say anything because all he did was come to collect a "bag" but how you can take a massive box with a graphics card in it... it's beyond me.
3. Why ask for a cellphone number if you don't use it because I got nothing yesterday, even when the item was actually handed over to the 'wrong' person.

I like the new processes Takealot, but fix please!


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May 29, 2017
Takealot not very jacked up, ordered a HD online read some reviews later and was not very impressed with it, so I wanted to cancel. I can not cancel the order there is no option? I then emailed them to cancel the order as I no longer want that item. They emailed me back and said "when the driver comes to deliver you can reject delivery"?

They are just wasting the drivers time and resources by doing it that way!
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Jun 25, 2010
I’m still waiting to see whether my ‘expected’ Takealot delivery on Tuesday will not be like another last year’s blunder.


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May 3, 2005
I only go with the cash on delivery option.

They can mess around with their own time and money.


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May 2, 2011
Have only had one late delivery from them. Most of the time they deliver earlier than the scheduled date. I like the new system where you receive an email within minutes after delivery.


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Sep 19, 2005
Sounds par for the course for 99% of all SA companies.

Start company.
Hire people who don't care and can't think.