1. Hanno Labuschagne

    iPhone prices compared from 5 online stores

    iPhone prices compared from 5 online stores Online shoppers in South Africa will likely find the best iPhones deals on Takealot. MyBroadband compared the availability and pricing of Apple's smartphones across five major online retailers — Amazon South Africa, Takealot, iStore, Incredible, and...
  2. Hanno Labuschagne

    TakealotMore launched — with unlimited free deliveries and collections for R99 per month

    TakealotMore launched — with unlimited free deliveries and collections for R99 per month Takealot has launched a monthly subscription service that provides free deliveries and collections of orders on Takealot.com and Mr D. The South African e-commerce giant said the subscription service —...
  3. I

    TakealotMORE Subscription Plan

    Anyone else see this in their Takealot account? Is this a new thing launched by Takealot or was I asleep and this been available before? https://www.takealot.com/account/subscriptions
  4. Hanno Labuschagne

    SA's favourite online store survey results

    SA's favourite online store survey results MyBroadband research has confirmed that Takealot and Amazon are the favourite local and international online shops among South African tech enthusiasts. A recent survey by MyBroadband asked more than 2,800 South African tech enthusiasts about their...
  5. Jan

    Takealot's dry January ends

    Takealot waves Dry January goodbye Takealot has started selling alcoholic beverages again after suspending sales of the products for more than a month. While it is unclear exactly when South Africa's biggest online store restored its liquor catalogue, it sent a newsletter email to customers on...
  6. Jan

    Takealot alcohol sales takedown drags on

    Takealot's dry January South Africa's biggest e-commerce retailer, Takealot, has not sold alcohol in nearly a month. The online store's liquor catalogue was inexplicably pulled sometime around 21 December 2023.
  7. Hanno Labuschagne

    Takealot, Bash, and HiFi Corp Christmas deliveries tested

    Takealot, Bash, and HiFi Corp Christmas deliveries tested We ordered different items from Takealot, Bash, and HiFiCorp the week before Christmas, and all three retailers delivered in three days. All three retailers were running specials on different coffee makers, and we ordered one from each...
  8. Hanno Labuschagne

    Takealot won't let you get your buzz on this New Year's

    Takealot won't let you get your buzz on this New Year's Takealot has inexplicably disabled sales of alcohol on its online store for well over a week. A MyBroadband reader notified us about the issue and referred us to a Reddit thread where several other Takealot customers were complaining...
  9. Jan

    Analysing Takealot's best-selling Black Friday tech specials

    Takealot's top-selling Black Friday tech product prices tested Most of the best-selling tech products discounted on Takealot on Black Friday were available at their lowest prices ever, tracking service Serval shows. Takealot recently shared the top-selling products on its store for Black...
  10. C

    Takealot delivery time for different products

    Hi ..if I add item A in cart, it shows delivery time as after 5 days and if I add item B (not available in stock), it shows delivery time as 20 days...so in this case, should i order both items separately (which I don't want as then total is below 500 rand and no free delivery) to get item A...
  11. Hanno Labuschagne

    Takealot reveals top selling products for Black Friday 2023

    Takealot reveals top selling products for Black Friday 2023 Takealot has revealed the top-selling products and brands on its online store for Black Friday 2023, as well as the single biggest transaction value and highest number of orders by a single customer. South Africa's biggest online...
  12. Jan

    Takealot announces Black Friday plans, including TakealotNOW deliveries via Mr D

    Takealot reveals Black Friday 2023 plans — including deliveries "within minutes" Takealot has detailed its plans for Black Friday 2023, with up to 50% discounts on thousands of products. South Africa's biggest online store will again be running its Blue Dot Sale during the period, which...
  13. Jan

    ARB rules against Takealot over free next-day delivery claims

    Takealot nailed over free next-day delivery claims The Advertising Regulatory Board (ARB) has ruled against Takealot regarding a complaint about its next-day delivery claims for Daily Deals items. This after a shopper complained that Takealot doesn't provide adequate warning that its free...
  14. Jan

    Superbalist confirms Section 189 process underway

    Takealot-owned Superbalist to cut staff Superbalist has started the process to retrench workers after parent company Takealot posted a $ 22 million (R420-million) loss for its last financial year. “Superbalist has embarked on a Section 189 process that will lead to the restructure of its...
  15. Jan

    Bob Shop facing Competition Commission investigation over standard shipping

    Competition Commission investigating Bob Shop The Competition Commission has launched an investigation into Bob Shop over its new standard shipping system, MyBroadband has learned. Bob Shop first launched its R30 standard shipping as an option earlier this year.
  16. Jan

    Takealot vs Makro vs Game tech price comparison - July 2023

    Takealot beats Makro and Game in tech price showdown Although Massmart is pushing to become the leader in South Africa's e-commerce space, Takealot offers better pricing on a range of tech products than its online stores, a MyBroadband analysis has revealed. We compared the pricing of ten tech...
  17. Jan

    Takealot's top ten most expensive products - July 2023

    Most expensive products on Takealot South Africa's biggest online store currently doesn't offer any products with price tags above R99,999. MyBroadband has previously compiled lists of the most expensive products available from Takealot using the popular e-commerce website's search tool for...
  18. Jan

    Takealot responds to joke about live sheep being sold on its platform

    Takealot confirms it does not sell live sheep While MyBroadband was convinced the post was a joke, we decided to get confirmation straight from the ewe's mouth, just in case. After all, keen online shoppers have previously found very odd items being sold on Takealot — including coffins...
  19. Jan

    Takealot posts R392 million loss - Naspers no longer promising it's near break-even

    Takealot makes R392 million loss — blames inflation and load-shedding South African e-commerce business Takealot group lost $22 million (R392 million) in the latest financial year of its parent company, Naspers. In the tech and multimedia giant's FY 2023 results, it attributed the hefty loss...
  20. Jan

    Amazon importing vs Takealot tech price comparison - June 2023

    Takealot versus Amazon tech price showdown Tech fans in South Africa can save a fair amount by ordering products from Amazon in the US over Takealot, provided they are willing to wait longer for it to arrive. However, some items are still cheaper to buy from the South African e-commerce giant...