1. Jan

    We tested a Skone RFID blocking wallet

    RFID blocking wallets work — but you don't need one MyBroadband has tested a radio-frequency identification (RFID) blocking wallet and found that it successfully prevented our bank cards from being read. However, products like these solve a non-existent problem.
  2. Jan

    Takealot revenue surged from $606 million to $827 million - why hasn't it broken even?

    Takealot under pressure Takealot is under siege with increased competition from large brick-and-mortar retailers, Amazon.com is planning to launch local operations, it has lost many top executives, and the Competition Commission is on its back. Takealot was launched in June 2011, following the...
  3. Hanno Labuschagne

    The "world's smallest full HD spy camera" tested

    The "world's smallest full HD spy camera" tested MyBroadband tested an IP camera advertised as the world's smallest 1080p high-definition spy camera, and it worked almost as well as we expected. The camera was priced at R630 on Takealot when we bought it. According to Serval Tracker, the...
  4. Jan

    Makro vs Takealot tech deal price comparison

    Tech deal price comparison — Makro wipes the floor with Takealot Takealot and Makro are currently running promotions featuring a range of tech deals. A MyBroadband comparison has shown that Makro is cheaper for eight of ten products we compared. MyBroadband compared ten tech deals offered on...
  5. Jan

    South Africa's most popular TV sizes and brands

    Best-selling TV brands and sizes in South Africa Hisense, Samsung, and LG are South Africa's most popular TV brands in the first half of 2022, according to sales data from Takealot, Makro, and Game. These three retailers offer a vast selection of TV models, making them a popular option for...
  6. ronz91

    Anyone else notice PayFlex options on Takealot for a day or 2?

    Hi guys Forgot to post this sooner but did anyone notice PayFlex showing under items on Takealot on the 19/07/2022? Heres a screenshot: This screenshot was sent by a friend and I went on the desktop website and verified myself. The next time I checked a few days later, it was gone. Did...
  7. Hanno Labuschagne

    Best early access tech deals from the Takealot Checkout Sale

    Best early access tech deals from the Takealot Checkout Sale Takealot has discounted several sought-after tech products as part of its early access app-exclusive deals leading up to its “Ultimate Checkout” sale. The Ultimate Checkout sale will start on 25 July and end on 27 July.
  8. Jan

    Takealot, MTN, and Absa reveal which sought-after skills they are looking for

    The skills you need to work at Takealot, MTN, and Absa South Africa has a shortage of several tech-related skills highly sought-after among major telecoms, banking, and ecommerce companies. The Department of Home Affairs published a list of critically-scarce skills in high demand in the...
  9. Jan

    Takealot disagrees with Competition Commission report, Google and Uber Eats promise feedback

    Takealot, Uber Eats, and Google respond to Competition Commission report Takealot.com says it does not agree with some of the Competition Commission’s provisional findings in its Online Intermediation Platforms Market Inquiry summary report. “We have and will continue to engage with the panel...
  10. Jan

    We bought a R223 metal detector from Takealot and it wasn't half bad

    We tested a R223 metal detector with surprisingly good results MyBroadband bought a wand-type metal detector for R223 from Takealot and found that it works exceptionally well. Considering the low price of the metal detector, we had low hopes of it working but still decided to see if we could...
  11. Jan

    Competition Commission recommending huge ecommerce changes in South Africa

    Competition Commission recommends massive changes for Takealot, Google, and Uber Eats in South Africa The Competition Commission's Online Platforms Market Inquiry has published a provisional report with recommendations that could have severe ramifications for various online platforms in South...
  12. Jan

    Takealot workers go on strike

    Takealot strike Hundreds of workers joined an unprotected strike on Friday morning at Takealot’s Montague Gardens warehouse. Work came to a halt at the Montague Gardens, Cape Town, warehouse of online retailer Takealot when hundreds of workers embarked on an unprotected strike on Friday morning.
  13. Jan

    Takealot and Makro tech prices compared

    Takealot versus Makro — online tech pricing showdown Massmart-owned Makro is focusing on ecommerce to compete with South African online retail giant Takealot. With better pricing on several tech products, it could be well on its way to doing so. A MyBroadband pricing comparison revealed that...
  14. Jan

    Tech prices on Takealot vs Amazon

    Takealot versus Amazon — tech prices compared While ordering tech products through Amazon in the US can mean a long wait for your items to arrive, a MyBroadband analysis has revealed that it is often cheaper than ordering through South African ecommerce giant Takealot. Industry sources have...
  15. Jan

    Cheapest inverter trollies to protect against load-shedding

    Most affordable power trolleys for surviving Stage 6 load-shedding There are numerous inverter trolleys for sale in South Africa that can run essential appliances to get you through load-shedding for less than R10,000. While many households are looking into fully-fledged backup power systems...
  16. Jan

    Naspers - from media giant, to ecommerce, to video games

    All the companies Naspers owns Naspers' empire extends from its ecommerce and media holdings in South Africa to indirect ownership of some of the world's biggest game studios. The company announced its annual financial results on Monday, reporting a 24% revenue increase to $36.7 (R581.3...
  17. Jan

    Takealot Group grows revenue to R13 billion, still makes R111 million loss

    Takealot makes R111 million loss despite massive revenue increase Takealot grew its gross merchandise value by 34% and revenue by 27%, Naspers reported in its annual results for the period 1 April 2021 – 31 March 2022. Naspers noted that these percentages represent growth in local currency...
  18. mylesillidge

    Takealot tech deals test with Serval price tracker

    Best tech deals on Takealot tested with price tracker Some of the products on offer in Takealot's Top Tech Picks sale are currently discounted to their lowest prices yet, a MyBroadband analysis shows. We compared discounted product prices from Takealot's Top Tech Picks sale to their lowest...
  19. Jan

    Amazon planning South African online shopping launch

    Amazon.com planning to launch a marketplace in South Africa Amazon is reportedly planning to launch a marketplace in South Africa that will compete against Takealot, Makro, and other online retailers. Citing leaked documents, Business Insider reported that Amazon plans to expand to five new...
  20. P

    Is Takealot ripping off the Public with hiding poor service behind suppliers

    Takealot is one of a number of Tech online suppliers. Others are LOOT, Evetech, Bidorbuy etc. If one buys from Bidorbuy one actually just uses Bidobuy as a portal. You actually do not get a Bidorbuy invoice, or goods packaged by them. They simply facilitate the sale by the supplier. Loot and...