Telkom changes prepaid data bundle structure and prices - 8Ta USB Dongle - advise pls


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May 31, 2011
Can anyone please suggest an alternative to me? (link/ URL to forum thread would also be helpful, thx in advance)

What I require:
1) USB Dongle (I wonder if I can re-use my Huawei E173 with a sim card from another network?)
2) 12 month prepaid airtime converted into data (Prices please, as I want to compare with Telkom)

My situation:

In 2012 I set out and bought a 8 TA Connect dongle (R348) and purchased R1800 worth of airtime which was converted to 60Gb DAY TIME AND 60GB NIGHT TIME (12am - 6am), both valid for 12 months, the price and data structure remained unchanged and year after year I purchased but never really used the 60gb night time data - essentially I paid for 60Gb day time data. This year Telkom changed the structure: no more 60Gb night time data, STILL asking R1,800 but only gives you 50Gb. Extortion.

Time for a NEW Service Provider :)


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Jul 3, 2005
The old 60+60GB was for Telkom Mobile network only. The new 50GB bundle is an all network bundle.

The new contract deals (month-to-month if you don't take the device) is also an option. 20+20GB@R399 or 30+30GB@R499.

Unfortunately Vodacom and MTN still does not realize that there are a significant amount of users giving Telkom a lot of money because Telkom is still much cheaper. Good business for Telkom as long as Vodacom and MTN refuse to lower their data prices...


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Nov 1, 2010
Cell C Giga200 prepaid SIM R999 preloaded with 50+150 GB valid for one year. Offer ended 22nd Oct, but I think you can still get it if they have stock. Check big stores first like in JHB Cell C head office.