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Got these setting from Telkom support: Saying this is for Pretoria area code. Registration still fails
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I no longer have my Telkom voip account, but my A510IP gigaset does not have the length limitation that your unit appears to have. I managed to save a longer authentication name value without any problems:

May I suggest that you check whether there are firmware updates available for your gigaset. You check this by going to Settings -> Management -> Firmware upgrade and clicking the 'Upgrade Firmware' button. The upgrade process will run automatically and result in a restart of the base station. Do not disconnect the power while the upgrade is taking place and allow it a few minutes to complete. The base station might be inaccessible for a few minutes during the upgrade. Check your loadshedding schedule before initiating the process to avoid problems.

Referring to Post #32, there used to be a section on the Telkom website that showed your account status as registered. I assume that this is required before the account will work. Please confirm that status by logging into the Telkom website.

Other steps that you could try is to disable the account on the Gigaset and try to set it up on a cellphone to confirm that it is working. You could try an app like Zoiper which is free.
Greeting everyone
Does anyone know if the Telkom VoIP system is still working or totally down?
if down, how long ?

I have tried all the SIP server IPs but they all timeout and never connect.
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