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Jan 19, 2007

Well - something like it :D

Its not available here, sure.
But its newsworthy and worth keeping an eye on.

So hopefully this thread will just serve as a centralised place to drop all news and events surrounding it :)

Just been rooted by Saurik.

Though Google Glass runs Android, it's not exactly as wide open as your typical Android phone. And given its spot as the most futuristic tech available right now, you know hackers want to tinker with Google's specs. Legendary hacker Jay Freeman, famously known as Saurik who created the Cydia app store for iOS jailbreak phones, did just that. He's already gained root access to Google Glass.

How did he do it? Freeman discovered that Glass ran Android 4.0.4 so he modified an exploit from another hacker named B1nary that allowed for root access on Android 4.0.4 phones. He told Forbes:

"It took me two hours while I was having dinner with friends at the time. The implementation from B1nary is for normal Android tablets and phones, I learned how it worked and then did the same thing on Glass…which was quite simple."
It's unclear what Freeman will be able to do now that he's got root access to Google Glass but we're sure he's going to explore every corner to create something awesome. Plus, hacking Google Glass today might be like jailbreaking iPhones in years past where Google (and Apple before it) learns from the creativity of the hackers to make Glass better. Genius hackers are awesome.
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Feb 4, 2006
I would definitely like one of these. Don't know if I would wear it all the time tho.


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Jan 19, 2007
'I will never live a day without them' - Robert Scoble

After spending two weeks of almost constant wear, tech blogger Robert Scoble has written a exhaustive review of Google Glass, concluding that they have changed his life so significantly he never again wants to go a day without them.

Scoble's blog, Scobleizer, earned national attention while he worked as a 'technology evangelist' for Microsoft. Since then, he has authored pieces for a number of national publications and is considered an important voice in emerging tech.

Since getting Google Glass, Scoble said he had given five speeches while wearing the product as well as going through airports and letting hundreds of people try them out.

'This has changed my life,' he wrote on Google+. 'I will never live a day without it on.'

Scoble praised the device as being far more social than a cell phone, for having excellent voice command software, and for a camera that 'totally changes photography' by allowing you to capture moments in a fraction of a second.

He said the voice commands are tailored to such specific commands that 'accuracy' is 'crazy high, even if you have an accent.'

While he praised it as revolutionizing his life, he added that the model's success 'totally depends on price.'

Scoble said that if the model was priced too high - say in the $500 range - not enough people would adopt it. But at a range of roughly $200 Google could pull in enough users that it would vastly grow Google's social network, Google+.

The right price point could signal a revolution in Google's business model.

'Also, Google is forbidding advertising in apps,' he wrote. 'This is a HUGE shift for Google's business model. I believe Larry Page is moving Google from an advertising-based company to a commerce based company.'

For example, Scoble wrote about finding a restaurant.

'The first thing I tried that it failed on was 'find me a Sushi restaurant.' I'm sure that will get fixed soon and, Google could collect a micropayment anytime I complete a transaction like reserving a seat at a restaurant, or getting a book delivered to my house, or, telling something like Bloomingdales 'get me these jeans,' he wrote.

'There is literally billions of dollars to be made with this new commerce-based system, rather than force us to sit and look at ads, the way Facebook and tons of other services do.'

He also dismissed privacy concerns, writing that while in Germany only one person asked him to take them off while they spoke.

'I've been telling people that this reminds me of the Apple II, which I unboxed with my dad back in 1977,' he wrote. 'It was expensive. It didn't do much. But I knew my life had changed in a big way and would just get better and better. Already this week I've gotten a new RSS app, the New York Times App, and a Twitter app. With many more on the way.'
Daily Mail

There's a damn cool video - which I think is from some dev conference about Glass - well I'd not seen it before :)

Man the wait on this tech is driving me nuts :D
But its cool that they've got beta testers sorting out glitches before its first run to the general public.

Perhaps it'll be an Xmas gift to myself at the end of the year :p