1. Chris

    Google to let Android smartphone users see what data developers collect

    Google to let Android smartphone users see what data developers collect Google said it will create a new safety section in its Play mobile-app store that will let Android smartphone users see what data developers collect about them and share, plus give access to additional privacy and security...
  2. D

    Oneplus 7T 256GB

    Item: Oneplus 7T (HD1901) Contract or Cash phone: Cash (imported) Dual sim / Single Sim: Dual Age: 1 year Price: R7000 Warranty: No Packaging: Yes Condition: Immaculate Location: Cape Town Reason: Switched to iOS Shipping: Your cost and risk. You arrange. Collection: Preferred Link: OnePlus 7T -...
  3. PrimeSteak

    Tablet for mainly reading e-books

    Hey guys, I'm not sure what tablet I can buy that would allow me to read my e-books easily and comfortably (I'm upgrading from a Vodafone/Vodacom Smart TAB 3G from 2012/2013), the tablet should be affordable as well (under R3450). Thanks in advance for the help! Kind Regards...
  4. N

    PURPLE PEACH TV - Andriod TV Box Streaming

    Has anyone know or heard of this Streaming service/Application for an android box and how does it work? Is it possible to download it? Apparently it has every streaming app and live channels.
  5. Chris

    iPhone users can now test Android with new Samsung web app

    iPhone users can now test Android with new Samsung web app Samsung has launched a new interactive web app called iTest, which allows users to test the Android OS interface on iPhones. For years, Android users have been able to simulate the iOS look on their smartphones through third-party...
  6. Chris

    WhatsApp working on chat history migration between iOS and Android

    WhatsApp working on chat history migration between iOS and Android WhatsApp is developing a feature that will allow users to transfer their chat history across devices running Android and iOS. This is according to a report by WABetaInfo, which stated that this feature forms part of WhatsApp...
  7. Hanno Labuschagne

    Report shows iPhones still boast more storage than Android on average

    Report shows iPhones still boast more storage than Android on average Despite consumers often complaining about the low storage on entry-level iPhone models, Apple's smartphones offer more storage than Android devices on average. This is according to a new report from Counterpoint Research...
  8. Lebogang95

    I created an Android app. Please check out the code on Github

    I had a bit of time over the long weekend so I decided to create an Android app for the fun of it (When last). If you have time, please check it out and let me know what you think and/or suggest improvements where necessary. It's a pretty basic app, it fetches and displays today's weather as...
  9. F

    Some devices have good upload speed, others have almost zero

    I have a 20/20 fibre connection with cool idea, (via Vodacom). Some of my devices have +15mb upload / 20mb download, but other apps have near 0mb upload, (but they have 20mb download) I have a couple of devices connected, and not all of them have slow uploads. 2x Windows 10 machines, have...
  10. Hanno Labuschagne

    Why Bill Gates prefers Android over iOS

    Why Bill Gates prefers Android over iOS Microsoft founder Bill Gates has confirmed he is still an Android smartphone user. This was revealed in a recent interview with journalist Andrew Ross Sorkin on the growingly popular audio chat app Clubhouse. Gates has previously spoken about his...
  11. Jamie McKane

    Here are the new features coming to Android

    Here are the new features coming to Android Google has announced six new features coming to its Android operating system for mobile devices. The first major addition is the integration of its Password Checkup tool on devices running Android version 9 and above.
  12. D

    Is the Skyworth TB7000 series any good?

    Hey guys, so I'm looking at getting a TV and the Skyworth TB7000 40 inch is looking like a good option. My budget is between 4k-5k and the Skyworth TVs really do look like the best bang for buck. I've seen some Hisenses going for around that price but the android TV on Skyworth is making it an...
  13. RedViking

    SwiftKey now has Cursor Control

    On Android it is a pain to Navigate the cursor if want to edit text. Latest SwiftKey update now has Cursor Control, something I first saw on Google Keyboard (Gboard). The SwiftKey Cursor Control however can also move up and down paragraphs and lines of text. If you used the Beta version, you...
  14. W

    Please give me detailed instructions how to get Pixel 3a working in SA / Redmi Note 8 OR Redmi 9?

    Hi guys I'd really like to get a Pixel 3a. I like the simplicity, I like Google, I'm a Google superuser, I use all of the Google apps consistently - bring it on. My Redmi Note 7 became submerged in water and I think my attempts at fixing it ruined the WiFI and other hardware (don't use a...
  15. S

    Is legit?

    I want to buy a Poco X3 from them because nobody else ships to South Africa really. I've read some reviews about them, but they are mostly negative. If anyone has ordered from them before, how was the service? Where can you buy a Poco X3 here in SA?
  16. D

    Samsung Galaxy S10 Software

    Hi folks, Searched unsuccessfully for a generic Samsung Galaxy S10 thread, but couldn't find one. Hopefully I'm not double-posting. While software updates have been impressively regular, its a bit unusual that there was an update in July (on MTN), and already another notification for the...
  17. RedViking

    Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S - 6GB RAM 128GB (Viking's Review)

    Bought mine from Takealot for R5 300, ordered Sunday, arrived Tuesday . Takealot pused the price up, don't pay more than R5 300 Another trusted link I have used for all my other Xiaomi Phones, buy from here if...
  18. V

    How do we get the government to ban Tiktok in SA?

    This app is nothing more than a Chinese data collection service and spies on minors. The app permissions alone should be worrying enough as a "social media video sharing app" India made the right move
  19. Mr G

    FS: Android 9.0 Tablet Duoduogo 10.1" 3GB RAM 32GB ROM - BRAND NEW

    Item name (be very descriptive): 10.1" Duoduogo Android tablet, white/gold colour with gold tablet case, brand new (imported with Amazon). Android 9.0, USB-C (US charger), 3GB/32GB, 1280*800 screen, 8500mAh battery, Dual sim + micro SD slots (up to 128gb), OTG cable, able to make/receive calls...
  20. Nathanelgado

    How to install teatv on Android phone?

    Hi everybody. I'm having a problem with the teatv app, I'm using the S10 and want to download the teatv app to watch my favorite movies. but every time I download it gets an error. Does anyone know any way to install teatv on Android phones? and what error am i.