1. S

    Is legit?

    I want to buy a Poco X3 from them because nobody else ships to South Africa really. I've read some reviews about them, but they are mostly negative. If anyone has ordered from them before, how was the service? Where can you buy a Poco X3 here in SA?
  2. D

    Samsung Galaxy S10 Software

    Hi folks, Searched unsuccessfully for a generic Samsung Galaxy S10 thread, but couldn't find one. Hopefully I'm not double-posting. While software updates have been impressively regular, its a bit unusual that there was an update in July (on MTN), and already another notification for the...
  3. RedViking

    Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S - 6GB RAM 128GB (Viking's Review)

    Bought mine from Takealot for R5 300, ordered Sunday, arrived Tuesday . Takealot pused the price up, don't pay more than R5 300 Another trusted link I have used for all my other Xiaomi Phones, buy from here if...
  4. V

    How do we get the government to ban Tiktok in SA?

    This app is nothing more than a Chinese data collection service and spies on minors. The app permissions alone should be worrying enough as a "social media video sharing app" India made the right move
  5. Mr G

    FS: Android 9.0 Tablet Duoduogo 10.1" 3GB RAM 32GB ROM - BRAND NEW

    Item name (be very descriptive): 10.1" Duoduogo Android tablet, white/gold colour with gold tablet case, brand new (imported with Amazon). Android 9.0, USB-C (US charger), 3GB/32GB, 1280*800 screen, 8500mAh battery, Dual sim + micro SD slots (up to 128gb), OTG cable, able to make/receive calls...
  6. Nathanelgado

    How to install teatv on Android phone?

    Hi everybody. I'm having a problem with the teatv app, I'm using the S10 and want to download the teatv app to watch my favorite movies. but every time I download it gets an error. Does anyone know any way to install teatv on Android phones? and what error am i.
  7. L

    USB drivers for Android devices

    Hey all I'm having issues getting Android devices connected to my laptop. Most recent example is a Blackview BV6800 Pro. The laptop recognizes something is plugged in, but doesn't open the device options. If I go to Devices under the control panel, the Blackview is there but I get the message...
  8. P

    Xiaomi Mi tv box Android app for managing screen time

    I have a Xiaomi Mi tv box that we use to watch stuff through like Showmax, etc. Is there an Android app that I can install on it to manage screen time? For example it has a pop up or something after 1 hour (or other time setting) of something being watched or it being on, so that you have a...
  9. Nod

    [UK] Freeview Play

  10. A

    Re-purposing a cheap, old Android Tablet

    Hi guys, Looking for your help here please.... I bought my 6yo a really cheap Android tablet 2 or 3 years ago. From the get go, it was slow and useless (sub par = slow-er & useless-er than ever anticipated) and has gathered dust since. I've started a business and want to leave one of my...
  11. TheOneAtFault

    WinDev Mobile (Android) - Passing the correct context for AppCompatActivity

    Ahoy hoay! Bare with me on this one. So some background; I am working in a development environment called WinDev, the mobile edition and it uses a language called WLanguage. It's handy for cross platform development, think Xamarin, and they make use of a customized android/gradle(not sure what...
  12. B

    What phone?

    Hi MBB forums, I need to buy a new phone and I have no clue which phones I should even be looking at, any advice appreciated. I currently am an IOS user but I’m tempted to jump ship to Android. What I need: LTE capability SD card expansion A decent battery ( I’m a heavy user, tend to do allot...
  13. Jamie McKane

    New Android phones required to have parental controls

    New Android phones required to have parental controls Future Android devices will be required to have some form of device usage measurement application in addition to parental control features, 9to5Google reports. This is according to the latest Google Mobile Services (GMS) agreement, which...
  14. ECHLN

    Call of Duty: Mobile

    Hey all. Today marks the day that Call of Duty: Mobile is officially released world wide. This thread will be a place to talk about the game, get news updates on the game and to meet people to play with. Official CALL OF DUTY® designed exclusively for mobile phones. Play iconic multiplayer maps...
  15. Jamie McKane

    Leak shows Android running on feature phone

    Leak shows Android running on feature phone A video supposedly showing a version of Google’s Android mobile operating system being used on a “touchless” Nokia handset has surfaced online. The video shows a person turning on Google Assistant and browsing through an app selection menu.
  16. L

    Discovery App - Another test, hello world

    Did anyone else just get a notification on their Android app with the title of "Another test" and the text "hello world"? Clicking on the notification just opened the app.
  17. Jamie McKane

    New "Joker" malware targeting Android devices

    New "Joker" malware targeting Android devices A new type of malware targeting Android smartphones has been discovered in 24 apps which have since been removed from the Google Play Store. Security researcher Aleksejs Kuprins discovered the malicious software, which has been named "The Joker"...
  18. Jamie McKane

    HarmonyOS vs Android

    HarmonyOS vs Android Huawei recently launched its new operating system, HarmonyOS, which has the potential to replace Android on Huawei smartphones. "HarmonyOS is completely different from Android and iOS," explained Huawei Consumer Business CEO, Richard Yu.
  19. Genexus

    Discovery App Keeps on Crashing

    Morning I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 updated to Android 9. I always have Discovery App connected to my watch and Samsung Health but for the last month or so the app keeps on crashing? I've logged calls with Discovery to no avail as well as checking the net for info to this issue. I've also...
  20. Jamie McKane

    The best Google-certified Android TV boxes available in South Africa

    The best Google-certified Android TV boxes available in South Africa Online streaming is becoming increasingly popular among South Africans, with users subscribing to services like Netflix and Showmax which are much cheaper than conventional satellite television. This is further enabled by the...