1. GeorgeAF

    Samsung Galaxy M20

    Samsung Galaxy M20 is a beautifully crafted phone. First Samsung smartphone with a notch dubed the Infinity V display standing at 6'4 inch. Dual camera setup at the back. A big fingerprint sensor too. The phone is running Android 8.0 (Obviously Pie is reserved for the flagships phone but it is...
  2. T

    Has Anyone Withdrew From Their Google Merchant Account To Local Bank Account

    Have you made enough money to rech your threshold from your Google Developer account to withdraw into your South African local bank account, if so was it to a credit card, cheque, savings or to paypal?
  3. O

    SSD and Xiaomi phone

    Hi, Does anyone have an SSD hard drive lying around and wouldn't mind selling it for below market value? I have been monitoring 120GB on takealot and it never stops to R400. I need 2 or 1, preferably 2 as I need to fit them to 2 laptops. R400 is my budget excluding courier. Preferebly...
  4. M

    Vobi calls interrupted by normal calls

    Hi Everyone So I recently moved over to a fibre package with Vox that includes unlimited calling with the Vobi app. I am finding the call quality to be excellent and the app in general is really well made. There is however, one really big issue that I can't get my head around. If I am in the...
  5. A

    Huawei WiFi consumption

    Good evening i recently downloaded my data manager to keep track of how much data my devices use. I'm in the IT industry yet i have no idea how the operating system itself could use up so much data in an hour. What do you think could be causing this? Using a Huawei P9 lite with Android...
  6. Xplod

    Google Pixel

    Why isn't the Pixel not getting shipped in South Africa though? What are the exact reasons? Must have missed the post but it's really frustrating!
  7. J

    Xiaomi Battery

    Hi guys, Where can I buy a Xiaomi battery for my phone.:unsure: i know that alot of people have this brand:p, so where do they get a new battery when the old one is needing replacing? Do I have to order one from overseas,:X3: and if so, from which online site.:barefoot::barefoot: thank you...
  8. Jamie McKane

    All the major Android smartphones that have copied the iPhone X "notch"

    All the major Android smartphones that have copied the iPhone X "notch" When Apple launched the iPhone X in September 2017, people spoke about two things: Face ID and the "notch" display design. The Face ID system was mocked by some, particularly because the device did not have a fingerprint...
  9. PhireSide

    Tablet needed for relative - advice required!

    G'day all I have recently been tasked with finding a tablet for an older relative that will be used for basic stuff like Facebook, WhatsApp and maybe the odd picture or two. Requirements: -Must be able to accept a SIM card -Must have 'phone' capabilities so that WhatsApp is able to work...
  10. awvince


    Hi Guys/Gals, How many of you are using ShowBox? What VPN are you using? What media/android/box are using? Does yours cutout after every hour or so? Thanks
  11. Z

    MXQ Pro with working DSTV now

    Item name (be very descriptive): MXQ Pro (1GB Ram & 8GB onboard) Age and condition: Under a month old (second hand) Do you include packaging: No. Comes with TV box, charger and remote. Warranty: No Reason for selling: Friend wanted DSTV now installed on it but ended up replacing it with a unit...
  12. B

    WhatsApp using camera and microphone in background

    Android alerted me to WhatsApp using my phone's camera and microphone in the background (see attached image). This concerns me, has anyone else experienced this behaviour? does anyone know why WhatsApp is doing here? EDIT: here is how to get to the screen: Settings > Lock screen and security...
  13. Jamie McKane

    Google is working on a successor to Android

    Google is working on a successor to Android For more than two years, a small and stealthy group of engineers within Google has been working on software that they hope will eventually replace Android, the world’s dominant mobile operating system. As the team grows, it will have to overcome...
  14. Jamie McKane

    EU's attack on Android boosts rival app developers

    EU's attack on Android boosts rival app developers Google’s latest European Union woes could mean opportunity knocks for app developers stymied by contracts that pre-install the U.S. giant’s own services on Android phones and tablets, according to analysts and companies. The Alphabet Inc...
  15. I

    Huawei P20 Lite Dual SIM Not Dual SIM.

    I recently bought a Huawei P20 Lite that came with a MTN SIM card. I bought it because it is a Dual SIM phone. Well that is not the case. Turns out only one SIM can work at a time because it only came with one IMEI number. Is there a way to activate the second SIM slot?
  16. Koosie

    Skyworth Binge Android TV box

    Any thoughts on this new box? Price seems great for official Android TV + Chromecast functionality
  17. R

    is there a better Android tablet deal in SA?

    I know the tablet is nothing to write home about but for the money can you really complain or beat the value offering?
  18. Z

    Xiaomi MI Box Official Android TV Box CRAZY SALE!!!

    This special is crazy low. I have never seen it drop below $60. Normal price is $64.99 or so which makes this deal insane. For everybody who wants DSTV Now on a TV box, this is the best way and option. Xiaomi Mi Box NOW: $55.99. Coupon: Flash Sale (Starts at 18:00 on 15.06.2018) NOW: R728.00...
  19. blackguyza

    "Your phone/tablet has a security risk"

    Hi everybody I am getting an error message that "Your phone/tablet has a security risk" when trying to install GetBlack app from Android Play Store. I am using "amlogic MXQPRO 4K" android device? What do I need to change on my device to get Black working? has my device been infected with a...
  20. DhireshD

    Upcoming Sony Flagship

    Hey... Does anyone know what to expect from Sony in terms of their latest flagship model in Q3-4 2018, I have an Xperia Z3 and have skipped the last few models waiting for their attempt at a better screen to body ratio. I'm starting to grow impatient as my current device has survived over 4...