1. A

    Best Android VPN's?

    Hey guys what VPN's do u use on your Android phone? Imy using FlashVPN. Works quite well.
  2. Rouxenator

    Moto G 4G (Model XT1039) with extra rear cover

    Item name (be very descriptive) : Motorola Moto G 4G (Model: XT1039) running Android 5.1.1 Lollipop. Full specs : Age and condition: 18 months old, good condition, glass screen protector fitted Do you include packaging: Yes - all original...
  3. P

    Quick Question

    Noob Question but, does anyone know what that notification icon is for?
  4. P

    Thoughts on the Blackberry Priv

    The BlackBerry Priv We have long awaited for a Blackberry Smartphone running on the Android System but what do we get? Well... at least a good attempt from Blackberry. The phone has some issues, like the very buggy software (which can hopefully be fixed with an update), so expect some few...
  5. M

    Huawei Nexus 6P

    Anyone finding any for sale lately? I've been checking Orange and Zeek Online but it's all sold out. Cellucity has it on pre-order; but they don't allow you to choose a storage capacity. Looks like they are only accepting pre-orders for the 32GB model? -D
  6. D

    HELP!!!! Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 soft bricked on another level

    So I have a S4 and a while back it lost its IMEI number, i have had a couple of custom roms on but recently went back to stock and upgraded to lollipop via the OTA software upgrade on the phone, but i experience a hell of alot of soft bricking so i factory reset my phone and it worked but it...
  7. Kevin Lancaster

    Android vs iPhone vs Windows in SA

    Android vs iPhone vs Windows in South Africa Vodacom’s latest smartphone and tablet statistics reveal which mobile operating system rules SA.
  8. Kevin Lancaster

    Android support for Windows 10 Mobile delayed, perhaps forever

    Android support for Windows 10 Mobile delayed, perhaps forever Microsoft has delayed the controversial Astoria bridge for Windows 10, saying it isn’t ready yet.
  9. Kevin Lancaster

    New Android exploit can hack your phone in “one shot”

    New Android exploit can hack your phone in “one shot” A researcher has demonstrated a serious security weakness in Chrome for Android.
  10. B

    Rooting MyWigo phone (MTK6582)

    Bought a MyWigo Excite 3 a few months back. Device looked great on paper, but the ROM just let's it down. Aside from the random Spanish, the device can't install new apps as the Google Apps says there is insufficient space. The SD Card shows gigs and gigs of free space under device info and...
  11. U

    +2 Year Experienced - Intermediate Android App Developer WANTED

    Business solutions built in-house within Sandton, South African. References of work experience and expertise required Good understanding of MVC and ORM structures Experience with PHP 5 frameworks, jQuery, XML, Web services Strong OO design and programming skills in Java (J2EE/ J2ME)...