Vobi calls interrupted by normal calls


New Member
Feb 24, 2013
Hi Everyone

So I recently moved over to a fibre package with Vox that includes unlimited calling with the Vobi app.
I am finding the call quality to be excellent and the app in general is really well made.
There is however, one really big issue that I can't get my head around.
If I am in the middle of a Vobi phone call on my android device, and I get a normal phone call on my MTN number, then the Vobi call automatically gets put on hold.
This is quite frustrating, especially as I am using my device for business calls, and comes across as rude to customers and colleagues.

Other than using a separate device for Vobi, is there any way to re-prioritise the way my device handles calls?
Ideally I would like my normal MTN number to be engaged if I am on a Vobi call, and vice-versa, although I am open to other solutions.

Thanks in advance