1. T

    iPhone 6s Plus vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

    I can upgrade to a new phone this week and the struggle between choosing Apple or Android is real. I have never owned an Apple product and don't know what it is like. Android is much bloated for me and has a laggy feel on every single android device. I will root/jailbreak the device if I...
  2. koeks525

    Calculating the Speed from Android Device, using GPS Co-Ordinates

    Hi everyone, I am trying to build an Android app which needs to get the user's speed as they are moving. Some quick googling reveals I will need to use the Android device's Accelerometer and/or get GPS coordinates from the device. I have managed to get GPS coordinates from the device, as the...
  3. Nimz

    [S/T] Note 5 + Cash for your S7 / Edge (Silver)

    Item: Samsung Note 5 - 32GB - Black Age: A few months Warranty: Remainder of 24 Months - Cell C Packaging: Original box & accessories Condition: Excellent Location: Durban Reason: Want the S7 / Edge - Silver Shipping: On you Collection: Fo sho Price: R7800 Link:Note 5 Want to...
  4. Nimz

    [S] Nexus 9 - 16GB - WIFI

    Item: Nexus 9 Tablet - 16GB -WiFi Only Age: Not Sure Warranty: Probably not Packaging: Original (Box & accessories) Condition: Good (just a small chip on the plastic) Location: Durban Reason: Funds for S7 Edge Shipping: at your cost and risk Collection: sure Link: Nexus 9 Price: R3600...
  5. Kevin Lancaster

    Android’s latest security release

    Android’s latest security release Android has released a security update to Nexus devices as part of its Android Security Bulletin Monthly Release process.
  6. Rouxenator

    [S]Android Media player TV box (4K, HDMI, Gbe, 4G RAM, 32GB flash, H265, Kodi)

    Item name: HPH NT-V6B Android media player streamer TV box Description: CPU: RK3288 28nm Cortex-A17 Quad core GPU: Quad-Core Mali-T764 3D GPU Support OpenGL ES1.1/2.0/3.0,OpenVG1.1,OpenCL1.1 and Renderscript, Directx11.2D GPU ,4K x 2K output RAM: DDRIII 4G RAM ROM Flash: 32G Storage Ethernet...
  7. Kevin Lancaster

    Android factory reset protection is useless

    Android factory reset protection is useless Don’t trust Android’s Factory Reset Protection feature to make your stolen phone unusable for thieves.
  8. A

    Looks like the xiaomi Mi5 is coming to SA

    According to the , looks like they have the xiaomi mi5 coming to SA for R7999, a highend flagship with snapdragon 820, seems like competition to the galaxy s7?
  9. A

    Recommend a new Android phone

    I need a new phone .. My current phone is some unknown Chinese make called ZUKA. It was bought by a mate of mine on a trip to Hong Kong. It came with 2 x 3.7 Volt Li-ion, 4800 mAh / 17.76 Wh batteries, but both have just about died over the past year of use. I have not been able to source...
  10. S

    Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2

    Does anyone know when the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 will be launched in South Africa? I contacted Samsung South Africa and they said they are not aware when the phone will be available in South Africa.
  11. W

    Security issues when you root your device, are they really serious?

    I have heard that rooting your device can create some serious security issues and that a malicious attacker can gain access to your device and do some nasty things like control it, or fill it with malware or viruses. But i want to know how serious are these security "issues ". For example , can...
  12. zaidmo

    Need development help on Android to warp the display

    Hi I am looking for someone to help me with some coding to warp the entire Android UI (across all apps on an Android TV device), or alternatively just one of the Android TV HDMI pass-through apps. Purpose: Allows me to display content from and Android Media Player onto a curved screen...
  13. Kevin Lancaster

    How to find your lost Android smartphone with a simple Google search

    How to find your lost Android smartphone with a simple Google search You can find your Android smartphone straight from the Google home page.
  14. N

    Karbonn - AndroidOne [Sale]

    Item name (be very descriptive): Karbonn AndroidOne Age and condition: ~1 Year, opened, but not used. Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: No Reason for selling: Bought for development work, not used anymore Price: R1500 Negotiable: No - Need to recover costs Location: Sandton, Jhb Shipping...
  15. Kevin Lancaster

    Android versus Apple in South Africa – the winner is clear

    Android versus Apple in South Africa – the winner is clear The latest numbers from Vodacom show which mobile platforms are the most popular in South Africa.
  16. Rouxenator

    Vodacom Smart Grand VF696 sealed in box + protective case [S]

    Item name (be very descriptive): Vodacom Smart Grand sealed in box with a protective silicon case. Features : 5" FWVGA display | 3G HSPA | Micro SD slot | Android 5.1 | Quad Core CPU | GPS | Wi-Fi | Bluetooth | FM Radio | Dual cameras | LED Flash. Age and condition: Brand new Do you include...
  17. Espee

    Xamarin Mobile App Developer R35k - R60k pm -- Stellenbosch

    Mobile App Developer R35k - R60k pm -- Stellenbosch Position Description: Javus Software is a new small company with a vision to grow in the future. We are recruiting for 2x Mobile App Developers to work on exciting / challenging Apps Required Skills/Qualifications: 2-4 years of...
  18. Kevin Lancaster

    Samsung’s Android browser gets ad blocking

    Samsung’s Android browser gets ad blocking Samsung has added support for content and ad blocking plugins to its Android web browser.
  19. Kevin Lancaster

    BlackBerry’s first Android smartphone – South African launch date and price

    BlackBerry’s first Android smartphone – South African launch date and price BlackBerry has announced the SA launch date of its new flagship Android smartphone, the PRIV.
  20. F

    Help with starting Game development

    Hi guys. I would like to learn how to create games for android devices. I think using Unity and Blender will be my best options as both are free, Unity you only pay after your games make more then $300000 I think. I found this course...