1. Jamie McKane

    EU's attack on Android boosts rival app developers

    EU's attack on Android boosts rival app developers Google’s latest European Union woes could mean opportunity knocks for app developers stymied by contracts that pre-install the U.S. giant’s own services on Android phones and tablets, according to analysts and companies. The Alphabet Inc...
  2. I

    Huawei P20 Lite Dual SIM Not Dual SIM.

    I recently bought a Huawei P20 Lite that came with a MTN SIM card. I bought it because it is a Dual SIM phone. Well that is not the case. Turns out only one SIM can work at a time because it only came with one IMEI number. Is there a way to activate the second SIM slot?
  3. Koosie

    Skyworth Binge Android TV box

    Any thoughts on this new box? Price seems great for official Android TV + Chromecast functionality
  4. R

    is there a better Android tablet deal in SA?

    I know the tablet is nothing to write home about but for the money can you really complain or beat the value offering?
  5. Z

    Xiaomi MI Box Official Android TV Box CRAZY SALE!!!

    This special is crazy low. I have never seen it drop below $60. Normal price is $64.99 or so which makes this deal insane. For everybody who wants DSTV Now on a TV box, this is the best way and option. Xiaomi Mi Box NOW: $55.99. Coupon: Flash Sale (Starts at 18:00 on 15.06.2018) NOW: R728.00...
  6. blackguyza

    "Your phone/tablet has a security risk"

    Hi everybody I am getting an error message that "Your phone/tablet has a security risk" when trying to install GetBlack app from Android Play Store. I am using "amlogic MXQPRO 4K" android device? What do I need to change on my device to get Black working? has my device been infected with a...
  7. DhireshD

    Upcoming Sony Flagship

    Hey... Does anyone know what to expect from Sony in terms of their latest flagship model in Q3-4 2018, I have an Xperia Z3 and have skipped the last few models waiting for their attempt at a better screen to body ratio. I'm starting to grow impatient as my current device has survived over 4...
  8. E

    Boost Mobile Moova Shuffle

    Hi Guys I am an advanced android user. Ok I will begin by saying I have a problem with my phone. Before I get to that I bet there is very few people which have heard of this phone. It is called a Boost Mobile Moova Shuffle. I bought it in a store and after extensive research have...
  9. M

    Google Accused of Showing ‘Total Contempt’ for Android Users’ Privacy

    Google Accused of Showing ‘Total Contempt’ for Android Users’ Privacy
  10. Z

    TV Box promotions

    New promotions available for TV Boxes. Will use this thread in the future to promote TV Boxes only. UPTO 70% Off TV Box promotion
  11. koeks525

    Uploading Files from Mobile App to User's OneDrive / Google Drive account.

    Hi everyone, I am building an Android app, mostly to advance my android development skills. I would like to add functionality that allows a user to backup uploads to the app (images, pictures, video's, voice recordings) to their Google Drive account, or OneDrive account. I am building a Web...
  12. ChantalMichelle

    Senior Developer (Android UI Programming) - R800k - Illovo, JHB based

    Senior Developer (Android UI Programming) - R800k - Illovo, JHB based Job Description We are looking for an Android developer responsible for the development and maintenance of applications aimed at custom designed Android devices. Your primary focus will be the development of...
  13. B

    Incredible corruption Click Kids Tablet reinstall

    Hi, A friend bought this amazingly spaztastic product: (read the reviews listed for this product, WOW) It is basically a standard android device with a custom gui installed as an app !!, if u get around the gui u have a standard android desktop...
  14. S

    Airtime / electricity vendingcompany which provide API for Android / iOS integration

    Hi All Please recommend company providing airtime/electricity prepaid vending services API for integration into Android / iOS application. Good backend will be plus. Thank you
  15. T


    How to watch dstv on mobile phone
  16. C

    Netflix stopped support this device MXQ-4K Smart Android TV Box

    I've just purchased that tv box earlier last year November and watching Netflix and all is good until this month January it all stopped and Netflix isn't supported that device anymore. WHAT??? Now I'm feeling lost and disappointed. I hope that perhaps you guys know how to customized that device...
  17. M

    Android notification problem

    My Broadband Please help me, this is my first post on this forum I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 running Android Nougat...nothing special. I decided to reset the phone just over a few weeks ago and since then my notifications looked all weird. When I first got my S8 the notifications would come...
  18. K

    Parallel Space - Run 2 WhatsApp on dual-sim phone - Your Reviews/thoughts/etc

    Hi Guys, I'm tired of carrying around two phones so I am going to bite the bullet and use my one dual-sim android phone. Problem is, that as anyone who has probably considered this, I have two WhatsApp corresponding to the two numbers. I've come across an app on Google Play called...
  19. T

    BEWARE signing up for any Telkom LIT Box deal / special

    I have had enough. I am STILL waiting since the beginning December for my Telkom LIT box. "No stock no stock no stock" is the constant excuse. I COULD understand that, being December and all. But everywhere I look, from online ads to print media, I see them advertising deals, ending...
  20. D

    MXQ 4k Ultra hd android box

    Hi All. I bought a MXQ 4k Ultra HD. Want to load DSTV now app but the playstore not picking in up. Any suggestions?