Top Comments on MyBroadband this Week

Kevin Lancaster

MyBroadband Editor
Apr 4, 2014
We are trialling a new weekly article, titled: Top Comments on MyBroadband this Week.

The article will feature the best comments, as selected by a panel of comment experts, from the forum and the front page on certain news articles.

If you see any funny or insightful comments which you think deserve the spotlight, please post them in this thread and they could be used in future editions of the article.

Here are this week's picks: Top Comments on MyBroadband this Week


Honorary Master
Feb 26, 2013
I like this as well.

question is, forum comments, Discuss comments, or a combination?


Honorary Master
Jun 23, 2008
OP needs to find out why the wife is unresponsive. With women there could be a myriad of reasons and once he discovers what it is and deals with, there could potentially be a life of non stop sexy time.

My So gets turned on by me just listening intently to her as she describes how many kilos of chicken she buys for the month.

Learn to listen intensively without judgement or solutions and you'll win her over. Probably the best and only advice when it comes to women.
I have a suggestion. Put one comment from each "busy" board. Other wise Health, Wealth and Relationships will dominate every single cycle.