USB, 3g/HSDPA/HSPA modem Advice?

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Jul 2, 2009
Hi guys,

Your help would really be appreciated as I'm wanting to buy a USB modem. I have a few questions since I've never bought anything like this before.

here's the thing:
I have about R2000 to spend on a USB modem.

1. For the amount of money that i have, what type of USB modem would I be able to get?
Would it support speeds of higher than 3.6mbps?
2. Are there any computer stores that sell the modem? and if yes, which store would you recommend?
3. If the modem was bought from a shop, would it be locked to any network in particular? (I would think not but...)
4. If I were to go to a vodacom, mtn or cell c store, would they be able to sell me the modem without having to take out a contract?
5. If it were bought from any of the service provider outlets, I presume it would be locked to their network, are there ways of unlocking the modem so that it may work on any network?

Once again, your answers would really be appreciated!

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Jun 21, 2008
1. Cellucity has a modem for under R500 that 7mbps - you don't get anything slower.

2. Shop around is all I can say and try cellphone stores.

3. No, its ILLEGAL now in South Africa. Got 3 modems over the last 3 yrs and not one is locked. We also have 10 at work and also not locked.

4. You can buy cash and they should have stock.

5. No, its ILLEGAL to lock to a network. Nothing more to say

Your questions are valid.


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Jul 20, 2009
CellC is by far the cheapest at the moment, have look here.

How much data do you need per month?

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Jul 2, 2009

Thanks for the info thus far.

I was unable to find anything about the 7.2MBps modem on cellucity.

Looking at the link which was posted above, it seems that I would be unable to get any of the modems as their promotion does not apply to jhb as they have not yet enable HSPA+ here.

I did come across the e1820 for R1400 or something from expansys, but not sure if they are a good shop to buy from as I've not bought anything online before.

Just another question...
Do vodacom and mtn support HSPA+ as well?
According to the first reply I got, I could then just go and buy the modem without getting in to any contract as well?
Meaning I could just buy the modem and use my own sim-card without having to get myself in to any promotions or contracts?

Again, sorry for all the questions.

Cheers! :)