1. C

    Good and bad LPG dealers

    It seems that many people aren't even aware that LPG has regulated prices in SA. Following on from comments seen here: I thought that it would be a good idea to have a thread naming low cost LPG dealers and rip off artist...
  2. M

    McDonald's prices increased?

    Last week a Cajun medium meal with Coke Zero was R39.90. Today it is R44.50. That's more than an 11% increase. I don't normally keep tabs on any of the other meals offered. Are the in-store pricing more than online?
  3. D

    Rant: Why do we even have trade and retail values anymore?

    Good Day Everyone, I apologise that this is basically just a rant about the dodge dealings of car dealers in South Africa. I currently have a 2007 Mercedes Benz CLK 500. 125000km on the clock. Trade Estimate: R167000 Retail Estimate: R200000 I still owe R157000. I was looking to...
  4. D

    Estimated Rim repair prices

    Good Day Everyone, Can someone possibly please give me an indication of prices in JHB for getting an alloy wheel repaired. I bent two of mine as a result of a lovely nighttime drive through a Pothole on the N12 heading from Jet Park to Sandton. And now it feels as though I am driving a...
  5. A

    Best multimedia tab with full phone functionality

    Hi Insurance claim to replace cell phone (until contract ends and I can get new phone as MTN upgrade) > R10,000 Full communications ability Multimedia (streaming movies, listening to music, etc), thus rather appr. 10" than 7" Pref Bluetooth (for wireless headset/earpiece for calls) Must...
  6. S

    Has anybody used eStorm ?

    Recently I stumbled upon this website eStorm via Price-Check whilst searching for deals on a CoolerMaster N200 chase, seeing that their prices are cheaper than evetech I thought I might give this website a shot , though I was put off by the design of the website it looked ... Suspicious to me...
  7. S

    Value of Old Intel E5300 Processor

    I would like to just check what would be reasonable buying/selling price for old Intel E5300 processor ( I know it is ancient now :D Then again, some of us are still using them with no problems. I...
  8. S

    ADSL price cuts expected

    I am still waiting for this!!!
  9. M

    Best Laptop April 2015

    Hi, I bought my gf a macbook pro for R18k this weekend (including R1.1k for a mouse!!) It wasn' the big screen or the 2015 spec either. Its great, but absurdly overpriced IMO. For myself, I would really like something really good for about R13k (max R15k incl. any software (MS Office I have...
  10. R

    Where is the cheapest place to buy a PS4

    Iv been looking around for a while now, and have seriously considered purchasing from America. Reason being: 1. The Console is no longer region locked (NTSC & PAL) 2. Even with customs, it will still most probably turn out to be cheaper. You can get a console there for as little as $400...
  11. E

    Looking to sell a pc but have no idea how much to ask

    The build is about 1 year old with what I think are some good specs, however it was built for me and I don't exactly know how much to sell it for. what would be a fair price? Below are the specs: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit already loaded and verified 8gb Ram Intel i5 3330 processor, Gigabyte...
  12. P

    [Q] 2009 Toyota Corolla water pump

    Hello everyone My Toyota needs a new water pump and the local dealership quoted me R3100. Does this seem about right? Thanks
  13. B

    Logitech Protective Keyboard Special for IPADs

    Specials from Behemoth Technology (only while stocks last) Satisfy your Need for Specials Follow the link to view our range of Specials : More Specials Behemoth Technology For further information regarding these products or any other products from B-Technology please don't...
  14. S

    What do you want from an IT online store?

    Hi Guys, A partner and myself are starting a new IT store in Pretoria. We want to supply pre-built systems as well as hardware, software and peripherals. We know how everyone is looking for a great bargain. Let me know what you would like to see from our store? What services would you want us...
  15. A

    Telkom additional line rental

    I recently moved to Bloemfontein and could only find a granny flat. The main house already has a Telkom line installed and the exchange does supports ADSL. My question is what will Telkom do if I wanted to install a line in my apartment ? Will they simply extend the already existing line or will...
  16. LazyLion

    Price of Petrol compared around the World [Article from India]
  17. E

    Eskom 15years away from inflation cost increases

    "ESKOM is at least 15 years away from instituting inflation-cost tariff increases, as the power utility says it needs 16% increases for the next five years, followed by a similar period of 20% increases with a final five years of 9% increases. Eskom chief financial officer Paul O’Flaherty...
  18. T

    Nexus 7 prices

    I want to buy the 16gb nexus 7. Where would I find the cheapest reputable retailer (webantics had it for R3090, but shot up to R3449 un just one week) for how much does esquire stock them at the moment? I am not willing to pay much more than the MSRP of R2999. Thanks
  19. Rouxenator

    Why does petrol in Venezuela cost R0.42 per liter?

    Saw this little bit of useless info on a recent episode of Fifth Gear and with looming fuel price hikes I wonder why they pay so little for fuel...
  20. T

    IS Hosting Price Realignment..

    Hey. Just a heads up to ppl who use dedicated hosting or the like from IS, contact your account manager for a price re-alignment. My data bill (not the lodging) went to 10% of what it was.. seems they are doing it alphabetically but that could take a while. Asking gets it done faster. /Tsimo