1. D

    Renting vs Buying ; House vs Complex

    Hi Everyone, I am currently considering purchasing my first property. Have been renting for close to 3 years. I currently rent a 2 bedroom in Morningside. My brother (student) stays with me and my mother had to move in with us in July last year due to a Covid related retrenchment. She has...
  2. B

    Best laptop for R18k, and best time and place to buy

    Hi there! I have about R18k budget to buy a laptop, and would like to get the best possible laptop for that price. What is the best place to get the best laptop for that price? Also, are there any particular periods during the year you would recommend I wait for? Unfortunately I did not get...
  3. GreatWmR

    New monitor (is g-sync worth it)

    I want to get a new monitor i currently have a DELL P2417H 60Hz im looking at two monitors currently from wootware and...
  4. NeonNinja

    Is renting really a waste of money?
  5. RedViking

    Advice on Buying Hyundai i20 1.6 2011 model

    Hi, I'm looking at buying a secondhand vehicle and might consider a Hyundai i20 1.6 2011 model, 100 000 km for 65K. I will only see the vehicle later this week, private buy, but would like to go prepared. (Kwazulu Natal). 1. Anyone with some advice on this vehicle and things I need to look out...
  6. X

    How much interest should I expect on a home loan?

    I've recently begun the process to purchase my first home for R600K, with a 25% deposit. So the amount I'm looking for from the banks is R450K. I went through a bond originator (recommended by the estate agent), who came back with the following: ABSA declined, Standard Bank offered prime +5.25%...
  7. S

    IT Consultant, my job discription at work. 18years of skill but no Qualifications.

    Good day my name is Will Barnard. I am working in the IT industry now for the last 18years of my life. Currently I live in Oudtshoorn the Western Cape for the last 10 years. I am married and have two beautiful children. My Wife is very happy at her work and would not easily leave Oudtshoorn. I...
  8. 0

    Buying a hatchback (2014)

    Hi Everyone, I'm in search of a new or used car, but not really sure what to get. I'm looking at around the R150k mark So far this is my shortlist: Hyundai i20 1.4 Glide/Fluid (facelift) Ford Fiesta Ambiente/Trend (facelift) Considered: (not driven/unsure) Kia Rio 1.4 TEC (experienced bad...
  9. NeonNinja

    Top selling vehicles in April [2014]
  10. R

    where to stay in Cape Town's Northern Suburbs?

    Hi I'm not from Cape Town but have recently started working in the Northern Suburbs in Cape Town (Plattekloof to be exact). Short of asking a real estate agent (may as well ask an encyclopaedia salesman if I need encyclopaedias) as to which areas are safe and affordable to either rent or...
  11. Y

    DSLR for holiday in 2 weeks time (beginner).

    Hey everyone, My parents will be off to India (New Delhi and few other places) in just 2 weeks time so dad has tasked me with finding him a camera to snap pictures and video but now i put that task to you guys :D. With so much of choice, it really becomes difficult to make the final...
  12. R

    What laptop to buy...

    Hi Guys, I am looking to buy a laptop and it seems like there are just WAY to many options out there!!! I would very much appreciate some tips... advice... or recommendations. :-) What I am looking for... Operating System: Windows 7 preferably Processor: Intel i5 2.4GHz or more Screen...
  13. LazyLion

    Falcon's PC Buying Guide
  14. A

    Buying a camera, local store vs. from overseas?

    Hi Given the strong rand, is it worth organising someone to buy the object of ones desire over seas? What are the warranty implications? I'm looking at the D7000 with 18-200 kit lens; there's a difference of about 3K in prices between local shops, best coming in at just under 20K. With the...
  15. LazyLion

    Can I buy Wii Games in the USA and bring them back to SA?

    Will they work in my Wii console? The games are wicked cheap here compared to SA. My Wii has the homebrew channel loaded back in SA.
  16. T

    USB, 3g/HSDPA/HSPA modem Advice?

    Hi guys, Your help would really be appreciated as I'm wanting to buy a USB modem. I have a few questions since I've never bought anything like this before. here's the thing: I have about R2000 to spend on a USB modem. 1. For the amount of money that i have, what type of USB modem would...
  17. squirrel

    Shure headphones (or other high quality headphones) in SA

    Hello, A friend of mine wants to buy these headphones from that site. Is there anywhere cheaper, and/or would you recommend any alternatives for that price?
  18. squirrel

    Purchasing laptop in America - international warranty?

    Hi, I'm planning on purchasing a laptop in the USA. Can anyone recommend a brand (and specific line) who offer international warranties covered in South Africa?