VDSL Syncing but no internet connection


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Feb 18, 2017
Hi All,

I recently had a new telephone line installed and I was able to get VDSL. I have a D-link DSL-224 router and it is currently syncing but I cannot get an internet connection. I have tried several different ISPs as well as the telkom and openserver guest username/password and no luck.

My Current setup:

My current stats:

I see the following entry over and over in my routers logs:

Sat Feb 18 7:59:25 2017 122 system ppp1: link established
Sat Feb 18 7:59:25 2017 123 system ppp1: IP-up localAddr= Gateway= mask=
Sat Feb 18 7:59:25 2017 124 system ppp1: update DDNS
Sat Feb 18 7:59:28 2017 125 system ppp1: link terminated

So it looks like I am being assigned an IP address by the ISP but then the link terminates. The owner of the IP address changes based on the ISP and if I put incorrect username/password details then I only get the following:

Sat Feb 18 8:2:0 2017 5 system ppp1: link established
Sat Feb 18 8:2:0 2017 6 system ppp1: link terminated

Is the issue with telkom or do I have a configuration issue on my router.

Any help will be much appreciated.



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Nov 24, 2014
Evening gerritvn, did you manage to come right with this?
It sounds like the VDSL VLAN tag has not been inserted, and on the DrayTek routers, this is found under WAN>>General Setup>>WAN1.