internet connection

  1. PrimeSteak

    Is Herotel's Fibre any good?

    Hey guys, so it seems like Herotel is going to do the Fibre installations for my town (Oudtshoorn, in the middle of the Klein Karoo) Apparently, they are offering to double your speed if you sign up with them and let them install...
  2. T

    Transferring an email from one ISP to another.

    Hi, I am currently using WebAfrica, but I want to switch to a different ISP. The only problem is that my brother is using a WebAfrica email account. Is there a way to transfer his WA email to a different ISP? ------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm very...
  3. G

    VDSL Syncing but no internet connection

    Hi All, I recently had a new telephone line installed and I was able to get VDSL. I have a D-link DSL-224 router and it is currently syncing but I cannot get an internet connection. I have tried several different ISPs as well as the telkom and openserver guest username/password and no luck...
  4. R

    Problem connecting to server via RDP with Mweb ADSL

    Hi, I have a 2Mbps ADSL line with Mweb and in the past 5 months I've had intermittent problems connecting to our server via RDP at various times of the day ( "various times of the day" = sometimes in the mornings + afternoons + evenings OR afternoons + evenings ... but generally the latter )...
  5. J

    ADSL/Broadband/Internet Advice

    No idea which forum to post this in, so trying here. I'm looking advice on the best internet deal out there - that doesn't require me going through Telkom. I'm based in Claremont area in Cape Town. Would want to be able to do video chatting on Skype, stream YouTube videos as well as...
  6. S

    Windows 7 internet connectivity issue.

    Hi, I'm pretty new to the forums, but I cannot find a solution to this problem... This seems to be a common issue regarding Windows 7, with no known solution. Windows 7 constantly drops the internet connection, whether it be wired lan or wireless network. The only way to restore the...
  7. D

    Somewhat confused...Assisstance?

    Hello, So I just upgraded my telkom Line Rental to a 4meg line. My ISP is Imaginet (these guys are pimps, but like the good kind) which is a 512kb line. my flatmates and I thought that it would be a good idea to get an upgrade from our ISP: a four meg line. But when speaking to the tech...
  8. Stillie

    Neotel and Gaming

    Howsit Guys I want to get Neotel but i use the net mainly for does Neotel perform on gaming? no BS please Contract is not something i enjoy Thanks :)
  9. H

    Intermiitent browser connection over wireless

    Been having this problem for the past couple of weeks. I'll start browsing happily on a couple of sites, then all of a sudden, will get a page cannot be displayed error. I'll then refresh, either once or up to 10 times and the page will load. Sometimes not all the data on the page, but if I...