VTime Airtime Pty Ltd


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Dec 3, 2004
VTime Airtime Pty Ltd was established as an approved Vodacom dealer in 2008. This was after the successful development of Pseudo Real-Time Transaction Allocation software. The aim was to offer Vodacom Prepaid end-users an alternative online purchasing option for virtual airtime and data bundles. The VTime team is continually developing and upgrading their software in order to keep up with the ever changing markets and to ensure an easy and efficient service.

VTime enables Prepaid users to buy airtime and data bundles pinless and direct via internet banking 24/7. The company is proud to be the only online provider to recharge both Broadband Standard and Broadband Advanced data bundles direct to the user’s modem SIM. Another innovative service offered by VTime is a Bulk Recharge (airtime and/or data bundles) that facilitates the recharge of multiple SIM numbers with one payment.

Long gone are the days when Prepaid was considered to be for lower LSM clients. Especially now that Prepaid data is actually cheaper than Contract data! Prepaid is an emergent market and the extensive list of Prepaid purchasing options reflects this trend. Modern users make conscious lifestyle choices. Progressively more users are opting for the convenience of recharging with VTime Airtime. Of the various online purchasing options for Prepaid, internet banking is arguably the safest means to transact money online. It is VTime’s objective to offer virtual Prepaid airtime and data bundles online in a convenient and safe way.

VTime Technologies is in the process of broadening the application of their Pseudo Real-Time Transaction Allocation software in alternative industries.