data bundles

  1. I

    Social bundles are the future

    At this rate, normal data prices will not go down. Instead, I feel like bundles for specific uses will be the norm moving forward. Bundles for streaming, instant messaging, browsing(including downloading) Any thoughts on this?
  2. Kevin Lancaster

    MTN launches fortnightly and weekly data bundles

    New MTN fortnight and weekly data bundles MTN has launched new data bundles aimed at people who want to consume a set amount of data within a short period of time
  3. N

    Mobile Internet options, help needed:P

    Hi Guys, I don't have a landline so I use my mobile to tether. I've tried out cell c, which has lovely data bundle pricing but the network is really bad in my area. Neither Vodacom nor MTN can open a web page. Telkom mobile is really good in my area. Was super happy when I tried it out and...
  4. K

    Vodacom minimum billing increment now 10kb

    Has anyone else picked up on this? We're seeing minimum billing increments of 10kb/session as of some time around mid October. It used to be 1kb. Net effect, not as much bang for your buck, really hurts if your application is telemetry or some such. Lots of small sessions, all being...
  5. P

    Thank you Cell C for the daily data bundles!

    This is just a post to share my experince with Cell C's new daily data bundles, more specifically the 1GB for R10 deal that runs from 1am - 7am and is 1c per MB. For those of us without unlimited data options or ADSL, this is a good viable option if you enjoy staying up late and have stuff to...
  6. NeonNinja

    More Internet from MTN: "Free Internet"

    30MB: R10. Previously 20MB. 10MB valid for 1 day. 150MB: R29. Previously 100MB. 40MB valid for 3 days. 450MB: R79. Previously 300MB. 150MB valid for 5 days. 750MB: R99. Previously 500MB. 250MB valid for 5 days. 1.5GB: R149. Previously 1GB. 500MB valid for 7 days. 3GB: R245. Previously 2GB. 500MB...
  7. M

    Check MTN data balance on Android tab

    I found an app called MTNza Keypad on Google Play, check balances, purchase bundles inclufing SMS bundles, transfer airtime and bundles between SIMs, get and spend Loyalty points etc. Awesome!
  8. M

    Charged for data while via wifi !!

    I connect to my home wifi and deactivate data network BUT am still being charged for data ?! I downloaded an app from GooglePlay BUT cannot understand why my data bundle was used. I have a Galaxy SII and don't use it for email, streaming, surfing, FB, Twitter or Youtube ! I have also disabled...
  9. K


    Hi , glad I found this site . As a layman with the proverbial danger of "little Knowledge " syndrome , but enough to question , I came across the site while trying to fathom the murky depths of ISP comparisons. I am paying R18 / Gb on my newly downgraded / Upgraded , now capped but unshaped ...
  10. S

    I feel robbed... Thanks Vodacom!

    I am regretting moving back to Vodacom. Such a profit-centric, screw the client any way possible company. I have 3 current complaints about them: 1) I recently took a contract on a Samsung Omnia 7. It's a great phone and I love it. When reading the Voda details page (now unavailable) it...
  11. C

    CeLL C Rewards Stopped?

    Hi Ive noticed Im not getting the sms/data rewards after recharging. Has this promo stopped or has my sim stopped working >.>
  12. G

    Ipad Prepaid Data bundle

    Who have the best deals currently? Except the 20gb Vodacom deal. I read somewhere about a deal for data that only expires after 12 months. Something like 10gb for R350 valid for 12 months. Who offered this?
  13. jes

    Vodacom Talking Points data bundles mean less is more

    Vodacom Talking Points data bundles mean less is more Getting the most out of your prepaid rewards on Vodacom is somewhat counter-intuitive when it comes to data bundles
  14. R

    iPad: Best data service provider?

    Hi All, I was fortunte to get the 3G iPad for Christmas, the next thing is to choose the best suited provider to get a micro sim & data bundle from. In terms of my usage, I have wireless at home so it would really be for here and there so I would probably use about 100-150Mb a month. I...
  15. J

    Microsim for Ipad and getting databundles

    I've followed some advice on getting my iPad's 3G working but I've hit a snag. Purchased normal Vodacom prepaid SIM. Took it to Vodashop. The shop assistant registered the SIM for me and Rica'ed it at the same time. Then she did a sim swop to a Micro SIM which I fetched from she shop once all...
  16. C

    VTime Airtime Pty Ltd

    VTime Airtime Pty Ltd was established as an approved Vodacom dealer in 2008. This was after the successful development of Pseudo Real-Time Transaction Allocation software. The aim was to offer Vodacom Prepaid end-users an alternative online purchasing option for virtual airtime and data...
  17. rpm

    New Cell C data bundles: Pricing compared with Vodacom, MTN and 8ta

    New Cell C data bundles: Pricing compared Cell launched their new data bundle pricing recently, essentially mirroring 8ta’s prices. This is how they stack up against other offerings.
  18. D

    Data Bundles dodgy once one hits last 10% of bundle,..

    You know, it bites me, i use bundles 2gb monthly and well, have done so for years,.. EVERY time one gets to the back end of the bundle ones connection goes for a ball of sh...t,.. What really grinds my gears is that as a successful 'learner' i manage my bundles rather well to the point that...
  19. rpm

    Cell C slashes data bundle prices

    Supersonic surfing for only 5c per MB Cell C slashes its data bundle rates, offering 24 GB and 60 GB data bundles at very aggressive pricing
  20. W

    Erroneous data bundle reset

    On 1 July 2009 I bought a 3GB data bundle, believing this would be active until 1 September 2009. Imagine my surprise when, on 1 August 2009 I checked my online data bundle balance and found I had 0.00MB available, even though my bundle expiry date was 1 September 2009 and I had had over 2GB...