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  1. Hanno Labuschagne

    Get up to 50% off on MTN's personalised prepaid data deals

    Get up to 50% off on MTN's personalised prepaid data deals If your usage behaviour fits a specific profile and you fall within certain market segments, you can get 30-day prepaid data bundles from MTN for 10% to 50% cheaper than its advertised headline prices. On three prepaid SIMs MyBroadband...
  2. Hanno Labuschagne

    Best ever prepaid LTE deals in South Africa

    Best ever prepaid LTE deals in South Africa Cell C has launched new Home Connecta Flexi prepaid LTE plans with prices starting at R59 for 5GB anytime data and 5GB after-hours data. The new prepaid LTE plans complement the company’s existing Home Connecta suite of fixed-LTE contract products...
  3. E

    Beware of this Scam:

    Please report this Scam on Facebook, they claim to sell unlimited data....after you pay you get no data!!
  4. S

    Cell C Nokia USB modem alternative

    Hi everyone. I'm looking for some Internet advice... When my Fibre goes down, or I go on holiday, I use a Nokia USB modem to connect to the internet with prepaid data from Cell C. It's super unreliable, and I'm looking for suggestions on an alternative. I don't want a contract because it's...
  5. T

    NO contract DATA only LTE SIM card

    Howzit guys I have a OnePlus 5T (Two SIM card slot) and I want to use the second SIM card for DATA only preferably LTE. Most of these scummy networks tie the SIM card to the actual device (router - RAIN LTE) but I want access to the LTE network on prepaid using my mobile LTE enabled phone...
  6. M

    Cheapest Prepaid Data

    My 200Gb Cell C data sim will expire in 2 weeks time. Any other decent pre-paid data bundles? I usually use about 20Gb to 30Gb per month. The sim will be in a mobile router. Are there any better deals around than the current Cell C ones? R1100 for 50Gb. R1600 for 100Gb. R2000 for 200Gb.
  7. F

    New startup business

    I am thinking about starting my own prepaid business similar to this one and would like your input about the viability of this type of business
  8. M

    MTN Prepaid Data Bundle Prices Unrealistic I would switch back to MTN in a wink if they lowered prepaid data prices in line with their opposition. Prepaid customers simply cannot afford their high prices. If others can do it, why not...
  9. R

    8ta prepaid data bundle request

    Dear 8ta In comparison with other providers such as Cell C i would really like to know when you'll be planning to launch more prepaid data bundles where is the 10gig, 20gig offers. Currently only contract subscribers are benefiting from 10gig for R199.00. So please if there is anyone out...
  10. jes

    8ta 60GB+60GB mobile data promo: all the details

    8ta 60GB+60GB mobile data promo: all the details 8ta has formally announced the details of its 60GB+60GB promotion for prepaid subscribers
  11. jes

    8ta reduces prepaid data prices (January 2012)

    8ta reduces prepaid data prices (January 2012) 8ta quietly reduced the prices of their prepaid data bundles recently
  12. D

    No stock of CellC prepaid Data SIMs?

    I work for a corporate and I/my friends have been punting CellC prepaid data like crazy in a personal capacity to everyone we know - telling them to get on board. Now my company wants to issue all of our lucky staff with the 3G data sims for their shiny iPads, and Guess who got tasked to...
  13. C

    VTime Airtime Pty Ltd

    VTime Airtime Pty Ltd was established as an approved Vodacom dealer in 2008. This was after the successful development of Pseudo Real-Time Transaction Allocation software. The aim was to offer Vodacom Prepaid end-users an alternative online purchasing option for virtual airtime and data...