Warning: Capitec password reset broken


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Dec 30, 2006
Hi guys just a heads up that Capitec's online banking password reset tool is currently broken, it will happily accept your new password without doing any form of validation check. Sign-out, Sign-in. If your new password does not conform to their mystery requirements then sorry for you, "Account Credentials Invalid"...

After a lot of back and forth with numerous customer support staff, I eventually had someone physically go and speak to one of their coders in person: apparently their system allows for passwords 6-14 alpha-characters only, any deviations and their website will not let you in.
Pity they don't mention this anywhere, or you know perhaps actually bother to run a validation check before updating your profile :wtf:

If you dare to experiment, try resetting your password to a > 14 alphanumerics.
And if you're feeling extra ballsy, try throw in a few special chars too :twisted:


Oi! Leave me out of this...
Apr 8, 2006
Trust me.. fnb ' s one is also a bit broken.. they tell you the requirements but it doesn't really like special characters in the middle of the password. ..