1. C

    I stopped puppy fraudsters. Then I got swindled by Capitec.

    About this time last month, I received a Facebook message from a woman claiming to be a bull terrier breeder. My wife, three kids and I repatriated to SA in 2017, and it was about the right time to get a puppy. We had been asking about a bull terrier because my wife grew up with them, and were...
  2. M

    Capitec Mobile App offline?

    Is the Capitec Mobile App offline for anyone else? I couldn't log on since 15h30 this afternoon.
  3. D

    Capitec Account Question

    Hi Can anyone confirm if a Capitec Debit account/card can do the following: 1. Purchase from 2. Purchase from Gearbest. 3. Linked with Paypal just in case I want to use it as a payment method. 4. Purchase from Steam.
  4. A

    International forex advice

    What's the best and most cost effective payment method during overseas travel? The capitec card seems to be the cheapest when it comes to exchange rates and extra fees on foreign purchases. Would a capitec credit/debit card be a better option than taking a prepaid forex card? Will there be...
  5. Jamie McKane

    Why Capitec won’t get Smart ID services in its branches

    Why Capitec won’t get Smart ID services in its branches Capitec can’t accommodate Home Affairs service desks for Smart ID and passports in its branches, a spokesperson for the bank has told MyBroadband. “Capitec strives to give our customers the most affordable banking solution – that means...
  6. D

    Capitec Global One card

    Can I use my Global One card on
  7. T

    Best way to save and earn interest

    I am saving up to pay off my car loan which is R195000 settlement fee currently financed through Wesbank since March 2017 (73 months). Currently I have R41 000 and will have R50000 by the end of the year. I will be saving approximately R8250 per month (Jan 2018-December 2018) on a very tight...
  8. F

    FNB vs Capitec vs Nedbank for savings pockets

    Hi all! I'm a very happy Capitec client. My favorite feature is the multiple savings pockets. Makes budgeting and saving towards goals that much easier. Unfortunately they only offer a maximum of four. Nedbank offers 10, so that seems pretty damn good. Unfortunately they apparently...
  9. Bryn

    Capitec rated world's best bank again Well deserved in my opinion. Easily the best bank I've ever been with.
  10. D

    Capitec Electricity Purchases (App / Internet)

    Hi Guys, first time poster :) I have been toying with the idea of moving all my banking to Capitec for a while now. Their latest introduction of electricity purchases in the app and online might finally push me over the wall. However, I cannot seem to add my meter number as a beneficiary. I...
  11. S

    I can't link my new Capitec MasterCard to PayPal, help.

    So Monday I opened a savings account at Capitec and this morning I successfully registered for online shopping (with the SecureCode and everything) after the 24-Hour waiting period. But PayPal still refuses to link my card. Any suggestions on how to fix it? O I also managed to buy a game on...
  12. S

    22Seven & Capitec: Can't Link Account

    Hi guys, so I recently moved to Capitec. I want to start using 22Seven to automate my expense tracking. So I've added my username and password to the 22Seven website, but it says that my account could not update. It shows my balance as R0.00, but I have a bit of money in the account...
  13. D

    Warning: Capitec password reset broken

    Hi guys just a heads up that Capitec's online banking password reset tool is currently broken, it will happily accept your new password without doing any form of validation check. Sign-out, Sign-in. If your new password does not conform to their mystery requirements then sorry for you, "Account...
  14. T

    Capitec Bank Software Upgrade Disaster

    Capitec offers internet banking to its customers. In fact they push this as part of the attraction. Months ago I reported trouble installing the software on an iPhone. The bank manager also said she had problems getting the initial SMS in order to install the software. Apparently Entersekt...
  15. jes

    Capitec explains weekend downtime

    Capitec weekend downtime explained Clients of Capitec took to social media during a brief outage that affected their ability to transact
  16. NeonNinja

    How does Afrihost do it? (Payments)

    Ok, So I've been with Afrihost from the inception, and I noticed something different from the beginning. I use a Capitec Global One Card (a.k.a PREPAID credit card), when I do not have funds in my account, I can't pay anything that requires a credit card, or use PayPal. But somehow Afrihost...
  17. QuintonB

    Complaints against banks on the rise

    Cellphone banking fraud hits record highs Complaints rise against Capitec, Standard Bank
  18. QuintonB

    Most popular devices for online banking

    Online banking – most popular devices, features 2014 Internet Banking SITEisfaction survey reveals the most popular devices used to access Internet banking
  19. jes

    Online banking in SA: the best and the worst

    Online banking in SA: the best and the worst Columinate’s 2014 Internet Banking SITEisfaction survey reveals which bank has the happiest Internet banking clients