1. jes

    Critical security bug gets South Africa sites and hosts scrambling for a fix

    Critical security bug gets South Africa sites and hosts scrambling for a fix A serious bug in OpenSSL has South African websites and hosting companies scrambling
  2. rpm

    SA bank of the year

    SA bank of the year The 2014 Business Times Intellidex Bank of the Year survey reveals the best bank in South Africa
  3. jes

    Best and worst banks in SA

    Best and worst banks in South Africa The South African Customer Satisfaction Index ranks South Africa’s banks based on their online banking, cellphone banking, apps, ATMs, branches and more
  4. NeonNinja

    Fraud - How does this work? Insider workings?

    So my dad's friend just phoned me he got scammed R16k yesterday. He's a Capitec client. He didn't articulate his story well because of his hysteria. Here goes: 1. He was phoned by the bank. 2. They told him he could enjoy benefits he doesn't have (Internet banking, et al). 3. They ask him last...
  5. F

    Telkom and Capitec bank "in bed together" over stolen R10 000.00

    On Friday, I had 5 x R2000 transactions debited from my bank account with the reference TELKOM SA LIMITED PRETORIA ZA. While this was happening I called Capitec and lodged a dispute. Capitec bank is refusing to cancel the authorisation hold on my account because, as they say, the money now...
  6. jes

    Consumer choice in South African banks

    Consumer choice in South African banks New study indicates consumer market share of South African banks
  7. P

    Small change can make big difference

    It’s often small changes that have the biggest impact. The same could be said of the small change in your pocket. Instead of spending your coins, or putting them in a piggy bank, imagine if you could deposit them in an ATM and straight into your savings or loan account. Clients of Capitec...

    Earning monthly interest

    When it comes to earning interest I'm a complete noob and forgot everything regarding this I learned in school. Let's say I have R30000. I'm with Capitec Bank and I'm supposed to earn 4,75% interest. Is this interest paid out monthly? I.e. Do I get 4,75% of R30000, which adds up to R1425, paid...
  9. F

    Capitec Online Banking Offline?

    It seems as though the Capitec Online Banking is offline ( - for about 30 minutes or so already. Anyone have any idea why? The regular website still seems to be online.
  10. Jan

    FNB 22seven security solution: Banks respond

    Banks respond to FNB’s move to “allow” 22seven South African banks respond to FNB’s support for secure third-party access to online banking.
  11. T

    Capitec Bank, ideal for student?

    I need to open a bank account in the foreseeable future. I was recently looking at capitec and what they had to offer. I was quite pleased to see their bank charges (which are like 10% of what ABSA charges :D) I also quite like the idea of getting 6% interest on a current account. However...