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    Small change can make big difference

    It’s often small changes that have the biggest impact. The same could be said of the small change in your pocket. Instead of spending your coins, or putting them in a piggy bank, imagine if you could deposit them in an ATM and straight into your savings or loan account. Clients of Capitec...

    Earning monthly interest

    When it comes to earning interest I'm a complete noob and forgot everything regarding this I learned in school. Let's say I have R30000. I'm with Capitec Bank and I'm supposed to earn 4,75% interest. Is this interest paid out monthly? I.e. Do I get 4,75% of R30000, which adds up to R1425, paid...
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    FNB 22seven security solution: Banks respond

    Banks respond to FNB’s move to “allow” 22seven South African banks respond to FNB’s support for secure third-party access to online banking.