WebAfrica Fibre DISGUSTING


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Feb 22, 2005
I am posting this in utter frustration and exasperation... Bottom line - DO NOT SIGN UP FOR WEBAFRICA FIBRE!!! They are not only one of the MOST expensive, but the service is totally shocking:

1. 3 weeks to sort out a billing problem
2. Call the call center and wait at least 15 minutes for your call to be answered.
3. Send an email and it takes 3 days to get a response.
4. Try to Live Chat and you always get “live chat is not available right now”.
5. Your debit order goes off every month promptly and on time - they take their money and they simply don’t help you.

As I type this, I have already been waiting more than 12 minutes for the call to be answered. Who knows how long I’m still going to wait? And when I do get through to someone I’m going to be given the typical WebAfrica response: “we will investigate and call you back” which doesn’t happen.

I DONT CARE HOW LONG THIS CALL TAKES - I am waiting so I can tell them how F* Up they are and then simply CANCEL!!



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Mar 24, 2010
12 minutes is that all. I once waited 45 minutes and eventually put the phone down. Recorded a video of my wait and sent it to them. Was a joke.