1. R

    Webafrica Clawback Fraud

    A clawback fee of R999 has been debited 3 times for the ridiculous free-to-use router they give you. I'm unable to get through to them properly, the moment I think the issue has been resolved they debit me again. It's nearly impossible to get your money back but incredibly quick for it to evade...
  2. N

    Webafrica Anytime Data & Telkom Nightsurfer Data

    I'm on the Webafrica Telkom 40g anytime + 40g night surfer data. I been using and downloading during the night surfer period 00:00 - 07:00am with the intention of utilizing my 40g night surfer data instead of my anytime data. But the data I been using has been deducted from my 40g anytime...
  3. Q

    International slow speed while local is okay - Webafrica via SADV/Vumatel 100/100mbps

    I ordered 100/100 Mbps fibre line from WebAfrica with the line installed by SADV(now Vumatel) in Sep 2019 in Ekhuruleni. From the start the Download and Upload locally (usually test to Afrihost) on speedtest.net has been 100/100 Mbps As soon as I cross the border (Usually Vodafone UK - London)...
  4. Jamie McKane

    Webafrica appoints new CEO

    Webafrica appoints new CEO Webafrica has announced the appointment of Sean Nourse as its new CEO, taking over from Tim Wyatt-Gunning. Nourse is an industry stalwart, having spent 18 years at Internet Solutions in various executive positions.
  5. Sharkssmart1

    The BitCo experience presently?

    Does anyone know how well BitCo is these days? Backstory: Currently at WebAfrica and for the last two weeks we have been experiencing a lot of interruptions in speed or connections, and they are not really responsive when it comes to tickets logged. My older brother is suggesting me to jump...
  6. Sharkssmart1

    Any constant interruptions in the Roodepoort area?

    I reside in Helderkruin, Roodepoort where the Fibre cables are managed by Vumatel. For the last few weeks there has been constant interruptions with the speed. The speed can drop to 0.03 kbs, or it can disconnect on its own and reconnect out of the blue a few minutes later. I do not know what...
  7. K

    Webafrica price hike 0.1 day into service

    Webafrica is the biggest scam in the world, signed up for R559 upon installation of fibre CPE they started charging at the new higher price of R649, upon query, "we just had a price increase". This is even before I can use the fibre as the router hasn't arrived. Be aware of this company, they...
  8. old

    Octotel Fibre - Surrey Estate, Cape Town

    Surrey Estate, Cape Town Trenching - DONE [February 2020] Fibre inserted into subsurface fibre ducting conduits - DONE [April 2020] Question: When is Surrey Estate and surrounding areas GO LIVE?
  9. W

    VOIP - WebAfrica - The REAL call rates...

    WebAfrica advertise 45c per minute call rates which sounds great at first glance... but then take a look at how you buy your call credit... Example1: You have the option to purchase a monthly plan. Plan1 costs R109 per month and gives you 170 local minutes. This works out to approx. 63c per...
  10. Jamie McKane

    How much Webafrica wants to be sold

    How much Webafrica wants to be sold Webafrica was put up for sale in 2019 with the help of Standard Bank, but to date, the company has not received an offer which it was willing to accept. Webafrica, which was founded in 1997 by Matthew Tagg as a web hosting company, is one of South Africa’s...
  11. S

    Surely I can't be the only one to struggle with WebAfrica?

    So I got my Telkom LTE Sim Card through WebAfrica on Tuesday morning.. almost 3 days later and it's still not activated. I've sent support a support e-mail - no reply. Then I called them and was told they'd follow up. But how long could that take?! I need to get online! I really was hoping for a...
  12. U

    Now that I can't get ADSL I no longer have good internet options, what do I do?

    Hi there all, I live in Linbro Park, the internet availability here... Is questionable to say the least, We had adsl here until the lines were stolen so much they decided to stop installing new ones, now our only option is LTE which is too expensive, and just not stable enough for us. The speeds...
  13. RedViking

    Web Africa Telkom LTE (FIXED) R899 - 150GB FUP - 10Mbps Speed

    Is this a good deal? 1. I am currently paying almost R650 for ADSL (220 Telkom + 420 Axxess) for less than 4Mbps line and use about 120-150GB a month. But my line is mostly consistent for 95% of the time. 2. Will the Telkom Fixed LTE be reliable? (from your experience)I know it will also...
  14. gideonel

    WebAfrica email support failure - Spam

    Hi guys, If this post is in the wrong area, I am sorry, please advise or move it to a different area. I have a client who is a client of WebAfrica. He recently started having a issue with his email. He has this issue on his phone and on this PC via Outlook and Thunderbird. I have his mail...
  15. S

    WebAfrica Internet usage Tracker pop up window, and no access

    This Webafrica 'Internet Usage Tracker Policy' login window keeps popping up since the start of the month when I try switch over to my WebAfrica connection. I put in you username and password details but it does not accept it and gives me no access. When I switch over to my other ISP connection...
  16. WebAfrica Helper

    New Webafrica Network Migration

    Webafrica wants to know your feedback about our new shiny network: :) As reported by My Broadband in May, Webafrica is in the process of migrating to our own infrastructure. The platform is now ready and we have started quietly migrating some of our own staff accounts in the background in...
  17. Jamie McKane

    How much companies are looking to pay for Webafrica

    How much companies are looking to pay for Webafrica Internet service provider Webafrica is for sale, and a few prominent Internet service providers (ISPs) and big telecoms players are looking to buy the company. Webafrica states on its website that has around 60,000 customers and 120 staff...
  18. B

    This what you can expect: Webafrica.

    Some feedback on Webafrica, I have been having issues with them and they are not responding. Back in the old days the ISPs always blamed Telkom and their ADSL / VDSL infrastructure. With fibre you can clearly see where the problem is. These are my speedtests from Webafrica: Local (This is to...
  19. T

    Transferring an email from one ISP to another.

    Hi, I am currently using WebAfrica, but I want to switch to a different ISP. The only problem is that my brother is using a WebAfrica email account. Is there a way to transfer his WA email to a different ISP? ------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm very...
  20. Jamie McKane

    Webafrica is for sale

    Webafrica is for sale Internet service provider Webafrica is for sale, and a few prominent ISPs, including Afrihost, RSAWEB and Vox, have been linked to a potential deal. Webafrica was founded by Matthew Tagg in 1997 as a web hosting company serving consumers and small businesses.