1. Jamie McKane

    Big network upgrade for Webafrica

    Big network upgrade for Webafrica Webafrica is in the process of migrating from Internet Solutions to its own infrastructure provider in partnership with a number of parties, including Echo Service Provider. The ISP confirmed that it is working on the deployment of a new network, which it says...
  2. Aqua_lung

    Webafrica allowing my topup to expire - blatant theft.

    So... I purchased a Cell C fixed LTE top-up near the end of the month (2 months ago) to ensure I don't run out of data. I am using Webafrica. It was a 10GB top-up and I was expecting it to be depleted before my new monthly allocated data (as per the conditions). Well, my top-up expired without...
  3. S

    Webafrica SMTP Down

    Hi, Anyone else having issues with Webafrica using their smtp.wa.co.za ? I get a drop from KZN leading to server on the 9th drop it dies. Seems like DNS routes are changed or something died. Their support is beyond useless and takes weeks to resolve anything. Tracing route to smtp.wa.co.za...
  4. N

    Considering a new ISP - please help

    Hi guys. I've been with webafrica for a while now (100/25mb uncapped octotel). Since ive started streaming i've decided i want to upgrade the upload to 100 aswell. However i see a couple other ISPs have 100/100 for about 100-200 bucks cheaper. Speeds are pretty inconsistent at peak times...
  5. Z

    Cell C lte top up more expensive than Afrihost,webafrica etc

    So I have a cell c lte contract and the top ups are ridiculous. When I was with webafrica who were through cell c the top ups were way cheaper. Why is that?
  6. R

    RICA headaches - WebAfrica Lte deal

    Hi guys, I'm wondering if I'm just stupid or if there's something wrong with WebAfrica's approval process for RICA documents, specifically the proof of address. They have this thing where you upload a copy of your ID and proof of address, and I've tried uploading various bank statements and...
  7. Jamie McKane

    Webafrica fixes security flaw in ticket support system

    Webafrica fixes security flaw in ticket support system Webafrica was recently alerted to a security flaw in its online ticket monitoring system, and it has now fixed the issue. A MyBroadband reader reported the issue to Webafrica last week and contacted MyBroadband about the potential risk to...
  8. L

    WebAfrica emails on LTE Routers misleading

    Hi all This is my first post and apologies if I did anything wrong. I would like some advise if I can take this further and in general if I can complain about this issue so other users will be made aware what they are getting into on the free to use router. When I signed up in October 2017...
  9. E

    Webafrica LTE at Home whooshing past at 50Mbps: Claim?

    Headline say: "Whoosh! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s Webafrica LTE at Home whooshing past at 50Mbps!" Further in the marketing is say: "....enjoying internet speeds of up to 50Mbps" I ordered on my WebAfrica account 5 xCellC LTE simcards, 1 x Springs, 4 in Durban, all different areas...
  10. E

    Webafrica VOIP the worst service ever

    Been with Webafrica for a while, even before the VOIP service was with nexus. So I have a couple of VOIP phones. 1. Tickets open from 2 weeks to 2 1/2 months, no feedback. Not one response! (Apparently Internet Solutions is working on it when you call them.) 2. Their dashboard offer all kind...
  11. SoulSlayer24

    WebAfrica internet issues

    So I recently moved onto WebAfrica 200GB capped LTE, and for the first two weeks or so it was fantastic and there were no issues, but then moving into the third week I started experiencing what looked like packet loss at about 6pm till about 10pm. I disconnected my TV and literally everything...
  12. B

    3CX Compatible SIP Trunk Provider

    Hi all, Stuck with a cable theft incident on our Telkom side, so I'm busy setting up a 3CX Hosted PBX. Got all the terminals, queues and IVRs going, but for the life of me, I can't get the trunks registered. I've got two SIP lines with WebAfrica (still waiting for their feedback on support...
  13. F

    Anyone with WebAfrica and SA Digital Villages?

    Hi Is anyone with WebAfrica and SA Digital Villages? Fibre will be up and my area in a few weeks and I'm deciding with what isp to go with?
  14. Q

    Webafrica throttling torrents on RAIN

    I would strongly advise anyone against getting LTE-A through webafrica if you are planning to make use of p2p. Torrents are being throttled to +/- 100 kB/s, everything else seems to be working fine. It's kind of ridiculous if you take into consideration that you are on a *very* small...
  15. R

    WebAfrica's constant escalations for installation to no avail

    Hi Has anyone experienced the super frustrating journey of applying for Open Serve fibre but never getting a call for installation? I was hoping someone might be able to shed light on how to deal with problem, or have any contacts in the business that could assist. I'm moving down the...
  16. Random Hero

    Do not be mislead by WebAfrica (Fake Free Router Deal)

    Hi everyone. Thought I would make this post and hope that people would find it before signing up with deceptive WebAfrica. I have been using Fiber from last year April. At the end of this month I will be moving and thus had to cancel my subscription which included a free router. Just...
  17. J

    Shaping or some other problem on Openserve (specifically Durban & surrounding areas)?

    I don't know where else to complain about this, my ISP (WebAfrica) is useless when I ask them to talk to Openserve considering I get the whole package through WebAfrica, I have zero communication channel with Openserve because they do not offer any support for end-customers, only ISPs. This is...
  18. N


    Hi, So, I got Rain's LTE with Webafrica unfortunately. Had it for a month or 3, and cancelled just before emigrating. Organised collection of their router on 19 December 2017, and spent the whole bloody day waiting for their useless collection company. Nothing. Tried to get them to...
  19. G

    Terrible service from WebAfrica

    I have had issues with my Fibre in the last month. Constantly lose connection and sometimes very slow. As low as 1 Mbps on a 20 Mpbs fibre line. When I phoned for support I was asked 3 times if I am sure that I have Fibre. That while the support technician has my detail available on the...
  20. D

    Fibre Static IP Addresses

    We have a small business which operates from home and at the moment we have 5 static IP addresses with MWEB ADSL. Vumatel is in the process of finalising fibre in our area. According to WebAfrica and Mweb, they can't offer us static IP addresses on a Vumatel Fibre connection. Is this correct or...