1. Newsfeed

    Plans for uncapped usage and bigger data caps on Rain LTE

    Plans for uncapped usage and bigger data caps on Rain LTE Webafrica and MWEB recently launched new fixed LTE-A packages which run on the Rain network.
  2. Kevin Lancaster

    Rain LTE-A vs Telkom LTE-A – Pricing and Data

    Rain LTE-A vs Telkom LTE-A – Pricing and Data Webafrica and MWEB have launched products on Rain’s LTE-A network, taking on Telkom fixed-LTE products.
  3. M

    WebAfrica moving exsisting customers to shaped accounts for capped.

    Hi All I want to know who else has had this. I moved to a webafrica capped account some years ago because i wanted unshaped. Then the package got cheaper and cheaper. then without notice I start getting latency issues when gaming. Test everything but all seems OK. Log into my...
  4. Kevin Lancaster

    Webafrica and MWEB launch new fixed LTE products – Price and speeds

    Webafrica launches new fixed LTE products – Price and speeds Webafrica has launched new LTE products on the Rain network, with prices ranging between R549 for 55GB and R999 for 120GB.
  5. R

    When we getting fibre in Sunward Park?

    Fibre was installed in my street in June 2016 but still not available to order in Sunward Park.What is the holdup,how long does this process take?
  6. T

    WebAfrica/Vumatel - Any international download issues?

    Is anybody else having issues with Webafrica international download speeds, specifically on the Vuma infrastructure? I've consistently had trouble on my 20mbps line since getting fibre a month ago, especially during peak periods (7-9 in the evening). Speedtests to both London and New York come...
  7. P

    Webafrica on Vumatel is like using Telkom all over again (WARNING)

    Hi I just want to warn anyone thinking of using Webafrica of the experience I have had so far with them on Vumatel. I signed up before the 31 March 2017 so that I could qualify for the special of free install, connect and 2 months free. I confirmed with them over the phone that if I did...
  8. O

    WebAfrica Fibre Offer March - Free or Not?

    WebAfrica called me up this week and informed me that our area is in the planning phase to get fibre and asked whether I would like to sign up. I am very keen to sign up for the 100Mb/s 200GB capped service. Their website is promising all types of free stuff for March if you pre-order it...
  9. Kevin Lancaster

    Webafrica’s new Johannesburg Office – Photos

    Webafrica’s new Johannesburg Office – Photos Webafrica recently opened a new office in Johannesburg, which is located in Sandton.
  10. A

    WebAfrica Hosting Issues

    Hi Everyone I would like to know if anyone has been noticing issues on PHP sites hosted on the Windows package with WebAfrica? We do support for a couple of companies that have their domains hosted at WebAfrica and these pages are mostly "static" PHP 5 pagers. The website can be down...
  11. S

    Vumatel - Fibre ISP Choices

    Hi All Fibre cable outside my door but cant wrap myself around the initial cost (R1700 + R999 + Router). So doesn't anybody think that Afrihost, Axxess & Webafrica deals are any good. I am happy now with 20mb/s and 200GB FUP.
  12. R

    ISPAfrika - Good Job !!!

    I thought I will just give a shout out to Garth and ISPAfrika ! In less than a week they got me sorted with fibre ! In contrast to webAfrica who after now 7 weeks said i don't have fibre in my complex ! Well done guys ! After dealing with a few of the ISPs you guys were really really good...
  13. D

    FTTH - Webafrica vs Vox on Octotel

    Hi, I am currently with Vox on ADSL (Happy with Vox). Moving to fibre now. Octotel is the provider in the area, and need to decide between Vox and Webafrica. I am worried about the shaping and speed on Webafrica. Vox seems is great with fatpipe data in my experience. Webafrica do have...
  14. P

    Fibre Options on Vumatel (Durbanville Area)

    Hi Trying to get some input. Currently on 10mb with Vox Fatpipe 400gb on Telkom ADSL. Total cost for this is roughly R 664 rand a month. I have the 25% discount on my ADSL line with Telkom (through the cancellation process ;) and was able to get the original 100gb Vox deal which subsequently...
  15. T

    Webafrica Fibra Capped download plus?

    Hi guys, Can anyone tell me if webafrica's download plus (12am -6am free download service) is also for their FIBRE capped accounts?? Thanks
  16. Kevin Lancaster

    Webafrica planning a few surprises for 2017

    Webafrica planning a few surprises for 2017 Webafrica had a busy 2016, opening a new office in Johannesburg, improving its customer satisfaction levels, and aggressively growing its fibre market share.
  17. Kevin Lancaster

    Two months free fibre access from Webafrica

    Two months free fibre access from Webafrica Webafrica is offering all new fibre-to-the-home subscribers up to two months of free access.
  18. Anthro

    Anthro's Experience "Fibre through WebAfrica - Telkom FTTH"

    [Placeholder] I ordered Fibre through WA today 10Mbps Fibre Home: 40GB + 1000GB package. :whistle: It is asynchronous though 10/1 but we'll see how things turn out !
  19. L

    Getting Fibre Installed in South Africa — The Ultimate Guide: Part 1

    Hey, Lawrence here... I wrote the 2007 sticky "Lawrence's Guide to Ordering Home DSL" which has since had 99k views here on MyBroadband. I've just written "Getting Fibre Installed in South Africa — The Ultimate Guide: Part 1" - hope you enjoy and find it useful!
  20. Praeses

    Afrihost support

    I am currently a WA subscriber but I've decided to give the R1 Afrihost promo a try. I've sent an e-mail to their support e-mail address and NOT EVEN 5 minutes later, I get a call from them. Now that's what I call great service. I've experienced the complete opposite from WA - you're lucky...