Whatsapp SMS Scam - Opt Out Stuff


New Member
Jan 31, 2018
Hey guys, I've been searching online for how to deal with the following scam sms and haven't come up with a clear answer:

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30014 R15/day subscription optout dial 0879709423

I vaguely remember this sort of stuff had been stopped after people found out they had been illegally/involuntarily subscribed to something that would take certain amounts off your airtime balance per day/week/month. Is this now a scam on top of a scam? Can they still do this to you - where you're subscribed without opting in, but you have to opt out. usually ignore this sort of thing, but I'm nervous to do nothing and have R15 charged per day Still not dialing that number thankyouverymuch.

Gosh. Feel like an idiot having to ask this, but please help mkay.