1. centurionguy

    Vodacom cancellation hassles

    Has anyone else had a problem cancelling business services with Vodacom? I am trying to cancel some of our corporate services. I have written to and attached a signed letter from our directors along with a directors ID, as required. I then receive a reference number...
  2. J

    Coindirect - insolvent ?

    I tried to find another thread about coindirect in this forum but the only one I could find was about "Ask coindirect CPO" bla bla bla and that thread is closed. So here we go, I know of multiple people who have coins stuck on coindirect where they would get multiples stalling before any...
  3. S

    Cool Ideas Giveaway Scam [Not Cool Ideas]

    So I was browsing a torrent site today, using my Cool Ideas fibre connection at home, and got hit with a popup supposedly from Cool Ideas, that looked quite legit. Basically a competition/giveaway to get your hands on 1 of 100 cellphones. I knew it was a con (being a popup from a torrent site)...
  4. H

    Bought a brand new vehicle but the history shows a different owner

    I took my vehicle in for a service at the dealership. This is a vehicle that was sold to me by the dealership as brand new and financed by my bank. I paid the full price for a brand new vehicle. However, the vehicle history (printed out by the dealership) shows another person's name as the...
  5. Jamie McKane

    Have you ever been the victim of an online scam?

    Have you ever been the victim of an online scam? On which platform did this scam take place?
  6. C

    I bought an ex-rental car and discovered that I have been lied to

    Hi guys, I'm in a slightly sticky situation and need your input. I haven't sought legal advice on the matter and want to make sure that I'm reading the situation correctly before going that route. This will be a long story. Please skip to the end for a TL;DR summary. I bought an ex-rental...
  7. N

    Local second hand store scam

    Good day, If this is in the wrong forum please correct me. I recently bought a computer from a local second hand store. In store, they refused that i opened the case, so i open dxdiag and sysinfo32, and the properties on my computer, all stated that i was buying a 6600K, and the sign clearly...
  8. RedViking

    Who is TeleTech?

    I got a call from this number, 0128650090 / +2712 865 0092, says she phones regarding my Absa Credit card and that my card Protection is not activated. I clearly stated to Absa I do not want 3rd parties to phone me. As always, I told them I will go to Absa if I want to change anything. With...
  9. D

    Possible Scam

    Received a connection request via LinkedIn from DAVID RICHARD who apparently is from Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated who would like to have a word with me. So I add him and about 5 hours later I receive a email from Dr.Yong-Gi. The email content is as follows...
  10. R

    Small claims court in Durban?

    Basically I've been scammed in a business deal and the person refuses to pay me back (R10000). I visited two police stations and was told to go to small claims court as both parties initially had an agreement. I have certified copies of her ID and proof of address together with my bank statement...
  11. terencej

    Leaving your funds in retirement fund after resignation is a very bad idea

    Background : I worked for a company for 2 years and we had a compulsory Funds at work fund with Momentum. about 5 months ago I resigned and joined a new company with a new pension fund. I decided to leave my retirement fund in tact so it can grow. (Worth R94k at the time of resignation)...
  12. S

    Using either Payfast or Paygate for my Shopify store. Got any tips?

    I'm starting an online store using Shopify. I want use Paygate or Payfast as my payment gateway, but I've read a lot of negative reviews about them, especially on Hellopeter. The problem is that is information is outdated by almost a decade. Is there anyone who uses them or who has used them...
  13. T

    Whatsapp SMS Scam - Opt Out Stuff

    Hey guys, I've been searching online for how to deal with the following scam sms and haven't come up with a clear answer: New downloads for Whatsapp, latest version. [my phone number]. Just click here (FREE MSG) 30014 R15/day subscription optout dial 0879709423 I...
  14. R

    is t connect legit?

    someone phoned claiming to be from telkom , said they from t connect and offering the same telkom packages at much lower prices they offered the 10mbs uncapped with voice package for R716 is this a legit company? later on they said its 100gb a month and uncapped night surfing im currently...
  15. R

    I have been scammed.A bit undecided now...

    Hi members, I'm looking for some honest, pro bono input from people, who might have landed up in a similar situation to mine.Thanks Okay I was out celebrating a family members birthday. When I happened to meet a old acquaintance, we chatted briefly mostly about our careers and what we doing...
  16. NeonNinja

    Have you been called by your ID number?

    Listening to 702 and it seems many people have received a call from their ID numbers. Well, it's not that hard to obtain someone's ID number. How do they spoof? And what is the intention, because it seems most have been missed calls.
  17. Newsfeed

    Cameroonian online scams in South Africa are a growing threat – Expert

    Cameroonian online scams in South Africa are a growing threat – Expert Online scams may sound like old news to tech-savvy South Africans, but criminals continue to exploit people who come online – often resulting in large financial losses.
  18. Newsfeed

    South African credit card scam warning

    South African credit card scam warning South Africans must beware of a new scam where criminals use targeted phone calls to steal credit card information from clients and conduct fraudulent online transactions.
  19. D

    Data / SMS Theft!

    However I try to think of a reason, I am at a loss to understand the justification for the expiry concept. (Other than making money for nothing out of us) In my language, it is just plain theft. I buy a 'commodity' from a supplier and they take it away before I have finished using it . . ! I...
  20. D

    ClubVPS is a scam

    Hi, Recently I was busy looking at VPS providers just to toy around with and came across this "ClubVPS hosting", they're apparently a child company of "OMC Group". They charged me $1.72 to "verify" my card. I think this is their way of trapping your card details in their system, the VPS'es...