Firefox Quantum – The fastest Firefox ever

Mozilla announced that Firefox Quantum is now available in Developer Edition, and is the fastest Firefox ever.

“This release marks the first milestone where we believe Firefox fundamentally feels like a newer, better browser,” said Mozilla.

Firefox Quantum Developer Edition includes “Quantum CSS,” a new CSS engine written in Rust and based on the Servo parallel browser engine project.

“Additionally, the Quantum Flow team tracked down and fixed 369 performance bugs in Firefox, with a special focus on responsiveness and UI interactions.”

“The Quantum DOM project further overhauled how Firefox prioritises work, responding more quickly to events like user input while delaying less urgent computations until the browser is idle.”

Compared to Firefox six months ago, the Quantum Developer Edition is twice as fast on benchmarks like Speedometer 2.0.

Future releases of Firefox will include Quantum Render – a GPU-optimised rendering pipeline – and Quantum DOM Scheduler that ensures tabs in the background can’t slow down your active tabs, said Mozilla.

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Firefox Quantum – The fastest Firefox ever