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    Good Movies To Watch On Netflix?

    Know any good movies that to watch on Netflix? Action Comedies, Thrillers and Mystery movies are amoung my favourites.
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    Mweb International Traffic Slow

    Anyone else having the same issue, it just started right now [23:20 06-05-2016]
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    Suspense and Thriller Movies

    Know any good ones to watch this weekend?
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    Netflix starts blocking Australian customers from US catalogue

    Story Here:
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    Netgear N300 DGN2200

    I have a Netgear N300 DGN2200 router but i think its locked with an ISP's software because i cant change the IP address of the router. I can't upgrade the software because it fails. Is there a way to side load the firmware?
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    Netflix Debit Card Sign Up

    How do i sign up for Netflix with my debit card? I have a FNB Debit Card. Netflix Asks for Security Code and Expiration Date what should i put in for those details?
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    mweb adsl super slow

    anyone else in the Durban area experiencing slow speeds? i can't even browse Facebook. Took me about 15 mins to get to this page.
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    Throwback TV Comdies To Watch This December

    What i'm watching/watched King of queens. According to Jim. Malcolm in the Middle. 8 Simple Rules. My Name Is Earl. Corner Gas. The War at Home. 'Til Death. 3's Company. Any other GOOD suggestions?
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    Best Android VPN's?

    Hey guys what VPN's do u use on your Android phone? Imy using FlashVPN. Works quite well.
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    The last DVD I bought was...

    What was the last DVD you bought? Mine was National Treasure 2
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    Telkom 2MB Uncapped ADSL. Is it better than Mweb?

    Hello I would like to change from Mweb's 1MB Home Premium to Telkom 2MB Uncapped ADSL. As Mweb is starting to throttle me after i hit 100GB's per month. I would like to know the following: - After how many GB's does Telkom Throttle you on its 2MB uncapped adsl? - How is Telkom's 2MB...
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    2015 TV Series Suggestions

    There are so many great TV Series out this year. What are you guys watching? [Note only NEW TV Series]
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    Tanked and Tree house Masters

    Anybody here watched Tanked or Tree house Masters on Animal Planet? Can you recommend something similar.
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    Chromecast and Hulu

    Hi, i have a Chromecast which i use for plex only. i was wondering if their is any way of watching Hulu on it?
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    Basic c# Webpage with Multiview

    Hey. i would like to know how i could implement a multiview control in a basic c# webform. i have the following items on my webform. textboxes txtnum1 txtnum2 button btnprocess label lbldisplay i want to be able to click on the button and then view the answer via a...